Dwight Howard Hints At Retribution Against David Lee For Elbowing His Mouth

Dwight Howard Hints At Retribution Against David Lee For Elbowing His MouthDuring the second quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson dropped the ball off for David Lee, who went up for a shot at the rim, elbowing Dwight Howard hard in the face. Referees called a foul on Howard, who was in the restricted area. Per Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, he ended up needing stitches to close the wound.

‘I’ll remember that shot’

After the game, Howard indicated that he would seek payback against Lee for the elbow:

“He got away with a shot. I’ll remember this. I’ll remember this game. I’ll remember that shot… He said he wasn’t trying to do it. You can look at the play and see it for yourself… I’ll take care of it later.”

Lee went up against Howard at an angle, elbows up and with the front of his body turned completely to the right. With the way he approached the basket, it’s no surprise his elbow connected with Howard’s mouth. But was it intentional? That’s hard to say.

‘Premeditated cheap shot’

If I’m the one getting clocked in the jaw, it could certainly be construed as a premeditated cheap shot. From an outside perspective, though, one can also make the case that Lee was simply shielding the ball from one of the best shot-blockers in the league. Either way, Howard doesn’t seem to care. All 265 pounds of him seems hell-bent on getting revenge. I shudder to think what he would have done to Lee in the second half if he didn’t already have one technical.

Glass half full, at least this shows Howard can taper his emotions when needed. He opted against retribution in favor of remaining in the game to help the Lakers.

Do you think David Lee intentionally elbowed Dwight Howard’s mouth or not? What kind of retribution would be waiting for Lee? Team Lee or Team Howard?

Source: Dan Favale, Bleacher Report

Image: Yahoo Sports

Photographer Ripped For ‘Shoddy’ Olympic Photos

A set of portraits of American Olympians has generated negative feelings in the photography community because of an “amateur” and “shoddy” look that some think was intentional.

The photos were taken for Getty and AFP at the USOC media summit by Joe Klamar. While other photographers at the event chose to shoot the portraits straight up, Klamar’s had a different feel. Members of the photography community weren’t going for it. While the photos were taken in May, they’ve only recently gained a notorious reputation thanks to a thread on reddit’s photography page. Here’s a typical comment on reddit’s photography page:

“wow… he’s trying something new for press shots, concealing some details in shadows… using FOV and perspective to distort subjects in a not-so appealing way… Oh wait, these haven’t been processed… Wow they’re getting worse… Ok this wasn’t on purpose…these are terrible…”

You know when you’re watching a basketball game and the director cuts to a floor-level camera from behind the basket and you’re thinking, “huh, this is neat” for about two seconds before realizing that you can’t see anything? There’s a reason that camera has been positioned halfway up the stadium at half court for a reason. It looks good for a reason. That’s sort of my thought on Klamar’s photos. He tried to do something different and it didn’t work. (Making Natalie Coughlin look anything but beautiful, for instance, was a big miss.)

That’s my uninformed opinion. Some folks in the photography field were a bit more harsh: “This is an embarrassment to our country and my profession,” one wrote.

How about you, what is your take on Joe Klamar’s Olympic portraits? Does his new form of “art” gain a Like or a Gripe?

Source: Yahoo News

Image: Tumblr