Girls Storm The Field At College World Series To Capture ‘Ultimate Selfie’

Girls Storm The Field At College World Series To Capture 'Ultimate Selfie'Larry Brown Sports reports on Kayleigh Hill, Emily Hill and Torrie Hill—young ladies who managed to get on the field during last week’s College World Series finale.  By the time the dust had settled and the girls had been escorted to the stadium’s holding room, their amazing images had surfaced all over the Internet.

‘Random field adventures’

Unfortunately, the girls erased many tweets and the subsequent Vine video of Kayleigh getting tackled. There is one thing that you must remember though: The Internet never forgets. Not only does the Internet never forget, it will document random field adventures from multiple angles.

Here is a breakdown of some of the tweets Larry Brown Sports managed to save:

If everyone chips in to the $1500 fine between me Emily and torrie, we will run on the field. Guys I actually really wanna — Kayleigh Hill (@gonedownHILL) June 26, 2013

2nd out we goin — Kayleigh Hill (@gonedownHILL) June 26, 2013

End of the 6th, kayleigh torrie and I are running on the field. Watch for us — Emily Hill (@mothafukaimhILL) June 26, 2013

This ones for you bowk — Kayleigh Hill (@gonedownHILL) June 26, 2013


‘Brief stint of fame’

According to the Larry Brown Sports’ report, the girls were rather proud of their brief stint of fame, causing us to wonder why they suddenly disposed of all the remarkable footage.  They went to all the trouble of getting tackled, only to erase the video from the web.

Whatever the reason, we are just glad the Internet was on the job, continuing its epic mission of saving random and hilarious moments for posterity.

Do you think you could pull off the stunt that these girls did? Tell us about your craziest shot at fame!

Source: Gabe Zaldivar | Bleacher Report

Image: Yard Barker

Web 2.0 — Breeding Ground For The Modern Terrorist

Web 2.0 --- Breeding Ground For The Modern TerroristsIn the days of old, one who wanted to be a terrorist would need to go to an isolated camp far away to learn about making bombs. Now, Twitter and Facebook can already provide easy access for information about bomb making.

‘Window shopping’

There are already some Twitter accounts with thousands of followers that actually serve as breeding grounds for would-be terrorists. There, the followers can easily gain connections and initiate contact with global terrorists. Of course, we cannot fully determine if these accounts are for real, and if the followers actually know what the accounts represent — terrorist or not. Still, the existence of these accounts are troubling.

Some experts think that the social media is now one of the vital tools of today’s terrorist organizations. They use Twitter and Facebook for “window shopping” and later on proceed to private chatrooms to exchange information and techniques from around the world. Some of these people are “self radicalized” and have not even met another terrorist face to face.

‘Self radicalization’

While self radicalization is possible via the Internet, there is usually a “mentor” who influences these would-be terrorists and steers them towards violence. Usually, that person meets with the “student” face to face in public places, may it be a religious or educational institution.

In the case of the Boston Marathon bombings, the Tsarnaev brothers were thought to be self-radicalized. Still, the possibility of an existing “mentor” is not far away from reality. Whether this is true or not, the fact remains that they have taken advantage of the mine of information available on the Internet to wreak havoc on that fateful day.

Do you think the Tsarnaev brothers were self-radicalized? Or did someone else mentor them?

Image: Forbes