Norwegian Swimming Champ Alexander Dale Oen Dies At 26

Norwegian swimming champion Alexander Dale Oen has died in the US, aged 26, Norway’s swimming federation says. He was found collapsed in a shower late on Monday after training in Flagstaff, Arizona, Norwegian media say. Officials said he had suffered a cardiac arrest. Emergency services arrived at the scene within minutes but were unable to revive him.

Dale Oen won gold in the 100m breaststroke at the World Championships in Shanghai in July 2011. His triumph came just days after the attack in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik which killed 77 people.

Per Rune Eknes told national broadcaster NRK that it was the blackest day in the history of Norwegian swimming. Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg expressed his sorrow at the death of the swimmer.

Dale Oen’s last tweet on Monday, as he was coming to the end of training in the US, said: “2 days left of our camp up here in Flagstaff, then it’s back to the most beautiful city in Norway #Bergen”.

Dale Oen was born in Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, and began swimming at the age of four. He got his international breakthrough in 2005 when he came seventh in the 100m breaststroke during the World Aquatics Championships in Montreal, Canada. He won silver at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Norway’s first Olympic swimming medal, and was considered a strong hope for this summer’s London Games.

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Source: BBC News

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Norway: 91 killed in terror massacre

Oslo, Norway. Gunman massacres youths at summer camp following an explosion that rocks the centre of Oslo.

Authorities fear that at least 91 people are dead in Norway last night after a crazed gunman massacred dozens of students at a summer camp just a few hours after a bomb had devastated the business centre of Oslo.

Scores of youths attending a political gathering on a holiday resort island were reported to have been shot dead by a terrorist disguised as a policeman opened fire on them.

Police say that at least 87 people were confirmed dead at the youth camp after initially reporting the death toll at only10. Many bodies have now been recovered from the waters of the lake surrounding the island.

Earlier it had been reported that 7 people had been killed in central Oslo when a car bomb exploded outside the country’s main government building. It appears that members of the country’s ruling Labour Party were the target of both incidents.

Police have subsequently arrested a Norwegian national over the Utoya island massacre. The man arrested in connection with the shooting was named last night by the the Justice Ministry as Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old. Police believe he was also involved in the bombing in central Oslo too. They also believe that he most likely has accomplices given the scale of the devastation and the numbers massacred at the Youth Rally.

At the scene of the youth rally massacre, witnesses have reported seeing teenagers throwing themselves into the notoriously dangerous waters around the island in a desperate attempt to flee the gunman’s rampage.

Rescue workers say they had seen between 20 and 30 bodies floating in the water. Andre Skeie, 26, who took his boat to the island to help evacuate people, said: “I’ve seen it with my own eyes, at least 20 dead people lying in the water.”

In central Oslo, most of the windows in a 20-floor building where hundreds of people worked were shattered. The office of the country’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, also occuplied the building. He said, he was working at home at the time of the explosion and spoke briefly by phone from a secure location. Struggling to cope with the enormity of the attack, he said the “army would be mobilised to assist the police.”

Amongst the devastation in central Oslo were many bodies. Eyewitnesses have described seeing torsos hanging out of broken windows and corpses lying untouched in the wreckage-strewn streets. A witness Marte Blindheim, a journalist said “It looks like a war zone. It doesn’t look as if one is in Norway. All the windows are ruined. The whole entrance area is crushed,”. “There is blood and case documents all around and crushed cars. And thee is even a car is lying on the side, completely burnt out.”

There have also been many reports by various fanatical groups claiming responsibility for the massacres. At least one Islamic extremist group quickly claimed the attacks were revenge for Norway’s engagement in Afghanistan, but authorities have quickly denied their claims.

Many world leader’s including Barak Obama, Julia Gillard and David Cameron have made statements condemning the attacks on Norway’s capital, Oslo and the scores of youths massacred on Utoya island.