Top Most Unbelievable Chinese Counterfeiting

The amount of work and creativity the Chinese underworld puts into their fakes is so damn impressive that you have to wonder why they’d ever need to steal other people’s ideas. These are the people who have faked …

Entire Companies. When Chinese counterfeiters decide to set up a series of knockoff store chains, they don’t mess around trying to be subtle. One retailer in Kunming, China was a complete knockoff that all the employees completely believed they were working for Apple. Chinese officials have so far found a total of 22 fake Apple stores operating across the country.

Prehistoric Fossils. In the 1970s, the Chinese fossil market exploded, with dino-bits being dug up and sold all over the country. Today, China is one of the biggest suppliers of fake fossils on the planet. A fake rat fossil made from a calcified fish was sold on eBay for over $3,000.

Cigarettes. If you smoke, there’s a decent chance that you’ve smoked a fake Chinese cigarette at some point. Currently, there are about 400 billion fake cigarettes being produced in China, enough to supply each U.S. smoker with 460 packs of fake Marlboros, Newports or Benson & Hedges. Surprisingly, about half of those all come from one place — Yunxiao, a county in the south of China roughly twice the size of New York City and home to 200-plus counterfeit cigarette operations hidden underground.

Fake Chinese cigarettes often contain 80 percent more nicotine and 130 percent more carbon monoxide than the genuine article, plus occasional insect eggs and human feces. Cigarette factories from Yunxiao export their products to over 60 countries around the globe and it’s impossible to spot the fakes unless you’re an industry specialist.

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Image: CN Reviews