Can ‘Bath Salts’ Turn Humans Into Zombies?

On Saturday night in Miami, a naked “zombie-like” man attacked another man, biting off parts of his face. The attack was halted only when police shot and killed the attacker, identified as 31-year old Rudy Eugene. Armando Aguilar, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, suspects that the attacker was under the influence of drugs known as “bath salts.”

These aren’t the same bath salts to make your tub water smell nice. “Bath salts” is just a fake name, but users know it’s not really for the bath. Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse described bath salts as an “emerging and dangerous product” in February 2011, urging parents, teachers and the public to be aware of the potential dangers associated with these drugs, which had already been linked to numerous visits to the E.R. and calls to poison control centers in the U.S. In October 2011, these “bath salts” and its related products were put on schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, which means that the drug has no legitimate use or safety in the U.S. and is highly addictive.

Bath salts contain amphetamine-like chemicals such as methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone, and pyrovalerone. They’re referred to as a “designer drug of the phenethylamine class” by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Other drugs in this class include amphetamines, mescaline, and ephedrine. MDPV comes in a powdered form that is inhaled, swallowed or shot into a vein. Bath Salts are sold as “cocaine substitutes” or “synthetic LSD”.

When MDPV gets to the brain, the effects include producing feelings of empathy, stimulation, alertness, euphoria, sensory awareness and hallucinations. Other reported effects include rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and sweating. According to the DEA, MDPV has been reported to cause intense panic attacks, psychosis, and a strong desire to use the drug again.

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Source: CNN

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KONY 2012 Filmmaker in Hospital for ‘Brief Reactive Psychosis’

Within just over a week, Jason Russell went from becoming an overnight sensation for his viral KONY 2012 video to being detained for a lewd and seemingly drunk public act to being hospitalized.

In fact, the Invisible Children co-founder will “remain under hospital care for a number of weeks,” his wife Danica Russell said in a statement Wednesday. “The recovery process could take months.” On March 15, Russell, 33, was found wearing only his underwear and was allegedly masturbating and vandalizing cars in San Diego. But his wife says that her husband’s incident “was in no way the result of drugs or alcohol in his body.”

“The preliminary diagnosis he received is called brief reactive psychosis, an acute state brought on by extreme exhaustion, stress and dehydration,” says Danica. According to doctors Jason’s overnight celebrity led to the apparent breakdown.

“[They] say this is a common experience, given the great mental, emotional and physical shock his body has gone through in these last two weeks,” she explains. “It’s hard to understand the sudden transition from relative anonymity to worldwide attention – both raves and ridicules, in a matter of days.”

Although Danica says her husband “will get better,” she admits, “he has a long way to go,” and says his role with Invisible Children will be put on hold until he recovers.

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