North Korean Military Crisis: China’s Turn To Act

North Korean Military Crisis China’s Turn To ActRecently, the headlines have been screaming about North Korea’s ballistic and nuclear bomb tests, including its string of threats aimed at South Korea, the United States, and its allies. As each day is finished, everyone thinks that a thermo-nuclear war will soon erupt in the Korean Peninsula. So, what should the U.S. do about this?

‘Lending a helping hand’

Should the U.S. wait and see if North Korea will really fire its missiles? Should we observe if the missiles are headed for open water? Or, if not, should we gear up to take down those missiles?

Just this week, word has spread that North Korea has begun to move additional missiles and rockets into firing position. They have also been stocking up on ammunition and moving towards the DMZ. And do you know who helped move missile batteries and tank units along the North Korean border since the 1950’s? Guess who? China. Yes, this big guy has been lending a helping hand to a growing nuclear state.

‘Your move now’

So now, it is time for some action. The Obama administration has made the first few steps towards a solution to the North Korean military crisis. The U.S. has decided to reopen a missile field and deployed sea based radar to detect missile launches. We just have to deploy more ship and missile interceptors just in case Kim Jong Un decides to carry out his outrageous threats of missile attacks.

But there is one more thing that we can still do. Maybe it’s time for us to urge China to act, since this country has been enabling North Korea during its journey towards a nuclear state wannabe. If only the whole world can join hands and shout, “China, your move now!”

Is China to be blamed for the North Korean military crisis now? Do you think a nuclear war will soon erupt in the Korean Peninsula?

Image: The New Yorker

Pentagon: North Korea May Be Capable Of Launching Nuclear Missile

Pentagon North Korea May Be Capable Of Launching Nuclear MissileThe Pentagon’s intelligence arm has assessed with “moderate confidence” that North Korea has the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon with a ballistic missile, though the reliability is believed to be “low.”

‘Surprise development’

Disclosed first by a congressman at a hearing on Thursday and then confirmed to CNN by the Defense Department, the assessment by the Defense Intelligence Agency is the clearest acknowledgment yet by the United States about potential advances in North Korea’s nuclear program.

The surprise development comes amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea has unleashed a torrent of dramatic threats against the United States and South Korea in recent weeks, including that of a possible nuclear strike.

Pentagon spokesman George Little said later Thursday, “It would be inaccurate to suggest that the North Korean regime has fully tested, developed, or demonstrated the kinds of nuclear capabilities referenced in the passage” of the DIA study.

‘Capable of delivery’

That stance was echoed by James R. Clapper, director of U.S. national intelligence, who said the statement read by Rep. Doug Lamborn “is not an intelligence community assessment. Moreover, North Korea has not yet demonstrated the full range of capabilities necessary for a nuclear armed missile.”

Lamborn, R-Colorado, read from a declassified version of the DIA assessment at a House Armed Services Committee hearing, “DIA assess with moderate confidence the North currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles, however, the reliability will be low.”

Reliability is apparently a reference to the accuracy of the missiles. It is was not clear whether other U.S. intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, agree with the defense analysis.

Do you think North Korea is capable of launching a nuclear missile? And will a war erupt soon?

Source: Jethro Mullen. Barbara Starr and Joe Sterling, CNN

Image: The National Turk