L.A. Lakers Pursuing LeBron James And Carmelo Anthony For 2014

L.A. Lakers Pursuing LeBron James And Carmelo Anthony For 2014According to Ramona Shelburne and Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com, the Lakers are hoping to make a run at Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James in free agency next offseason.

‘Max-level contracts’

Both Anthony and James have the option to terminate their contracts following the 2013-14 season to become free agents. It is unknown whether either or both players are considering doing so, but there is no question that they would be the two biggest prizes on the market.

Anthony and James would obviously be in line for max-level contracts, so the Lakers would probably have to do quite a bit of maneuvering to get deals done. According to Shelburne and Windhorst’s sources, there are conflicting opinions regarding whether the Lakers will have a realistic shot at landing either.

‘Pay cut’

James’ potential free agency has been a major topic of conversation since he has already won two titles and can afford to go wherever he wants. According to Shelburne andWindhorst, though, a league source believes that LeBron is far from reaching a decision. As for Carmelo, Shelburne and Windhorst are reporting that a termination of his contract is even more likely than James as he could then seek a four- or five-year deal.

Since Kobe Bryant is scheduled to make $30.5 million this year, he would almost certainly have to take a pay cut for the Lakers to haul in such a sizable bounty. Arash Markazi of ESPN Los Angeles believes that Bryant would be a key figure in getting LeBron, Carmelo or both to sign in L.A., as he loved playing alongside them in the Olympics.

Do you think the Lakers will succeed in signing both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony for the 2014 offseason? And will Kobe Bryant take a pay cut?

Source: Mike Chiari | Bleacher Report

Image: ESPN

Kobe Bryant To Stop Tweeting During Lakers Games

Kobe Bryant To Stop Tweeting During Lakers GamesThe Black Mamba’s posts to Twitter were noticed by just about everyone remotely interested in the NBA playoffs this weekend. They even managed to catch the attention of coach Mike D’Antoni.  Kobe Bryant’s tweets from his bed were somehow becoming a distraction, so he is going quiet.

‘Just bored’

“I see my tweeting during the game is being talked about as much as the game itself. Not my intention , just bored as I guess #notagain

“To tweet or not to tweet.. I CHOOSE not 2. Focus should be on the team not my insight. @georgelopez voice “Can’t DO nothin!” #vinospeare

As was reported by the Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke, Bryant was quite the Chatty Cathy on Twitter during the Lakers’ eventual loss to the Spurs on Sunday. Coach Vino became Fan Vino, a transition that had fans laughing and one particular coach rolling his eyes (via Plaschke).

‘Non-Steve-Blake-like numbers’

D’Antoni may not enjoy the tweets, but I join the multitude of observers who do, because while the Lakers season comes to an assumed end shortly, we might as well have as much Mamba as we can get.

Still, Bryant’s tweets were by far the most interesting aspect of a season gone awry. The Lakers, a team that was supposed to waltz to the NBA Finals at the beginning of the season, are now counting on Steve Blake to put up non-Steve-Blake-like numbers and Pau Gasol to do his best impression of Magic Johnson for the rest of the postseason.

What do you think should be the best move for Kobe Bryant in this dilemma — to tweet or not to tweet?

Source: Gabe Zaldivar, Bleacher Report

Image: USA Today