LeBron James Shaves It All Off For Nike ‘Witness History Tour’

LeBron James Shaves It All Off For Nike 'Witness History Tour'Once upon a time, LeBron James’ hairline retreated like a scared defender hoping to avoid a cameo on LeBron’s next poster. His forehead was a buffet on which dishes of snark were served. But no more.

‘Excess of empty space’

While The King was in the Philippines for Nike’s “Witness History Tour,” Business Insider’s Cork Gaines noticed he was sporting a full head of, well, absolutely nothing.

LeBron, 28, has been battling a receding hairline for awhile now. Inevitably, not even his headbands were enough to bridge the gap between his eyebrows and the onset of his fade. And when his trusty tiara went missing, we were blinded by the excess of empty space it left in its stead.

‘All natural’

For some reason, submitting to the absence of hair altogether just works. Going all natural is in, as it no longer seems like LeBron is trying too hard to cover it up. And it’s fitting that he would slay his hairline now, during a “Witness History Tour.” The change certainly leaves us a witness to history.

Do you like LeBron James’ new hairstyle, or rather, the lack thereof? Or do you prefer the receding hairline? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us via the comment box below!

Source: Dan Favale | Bleacher Report

Image: Sole Collector

LeBron James Unveils New Uniforms For HS Alma Mater

LeBron James Unveils New Uniforms For HS Alma MaterLeBron James’ former high school football team is a pretty safe bet to be looking sharper than most of their opponents on the gridiron this season.  That’s because the current NBA superstar—along with Nike—is hooking up his alma mater St. Vincent-St. Mary with some new football uniforms.

‘Sleek touch’

On Saturday, he gave us a look via his Instagram account: The all-black unis are super sleek, while the matte helmets and visor add a sleek touch. Can you imagine still being in high school and walking out to the field, only to see your opposition dressed in these uniforms?

That’s the epitome of intimidation, and it should only help make the defending state champions from Akron, Ohio that much more difficult to beat in 2013.


Apparently there are a few perks of going to the same high school as LeBron. His charity doesn’t stop there, either.  According to the Associated Press, via the Washington Post, James isn’t just supplying the football team with new uniforms—he is outfitting every fall sports team.

Do you like the new unis that St. Vincent-St. Mary’s new football unis? And what can you say about LeBron James’ generosity for his alma mater?

Source: Tim Keeney | Bleacher Report

Image: Diehard Sport