Chris Weidman Knocks Out Anderson Silva At UFC 162

Chris Weidman Knocks Out Anderson Silva At UFC 162Anderson Silva thought he could play with Chris Weidman. He dropped his hands. Taunted him. Invited Weidman to punch him in the face. For a round, Silva got away with it. And then he took it too far. He’s made a career of it, relying on lightning quick reflexes to make up for technical deficiencies. This time, however, things didn’t quite work out.

‘Slow motion’

Watching in slow motion, you can actually see Silva’s eyes focused on Weidman’s right hand. He never saw the left hand coming. And neither did anyone else—until Weidman put Silva’s lights out with a sweeping hook.  And the fight world’s jaw dropped.

UFC president Dana White could only shake his head and mutter about how Silva was “a killer, man” explaining to a reporter from the Chicago Sun Times that he didn’t know what was wrong with Silva that night.

‘Sword and spear’

All told, Silva won 16 consecutive fights in the UFC. Eleven of them were bouts contesting the middleweight title, a championship he held for 2,454 days. Those are all UFC records.

Alas, every man is mortal. At 38 years of age, Silva, his style so dependent on his otherworldly reflexes and timing, finally faltered. Weidman was able to do what no one else has ever managed. In combat sports, to be the man, you’ve got to beat them man. Weidman took the throne the old fashioned way—with sword and spear.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

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Source: Jonathan Snowden | Bleacher Report

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5 Reasons Being Left-Handed Is A Disadvantage

Left-handed people have remained disadvantaged in almost every situation. It seems innocuous, but being born with this crippling condition means that …

#5. They’ll Die Sooner

Studies have shown that the number of left-handers who make it to old age is drastically lower than the number of their right-handed peers. In short, lefties tend to check out earlier. Why? Well, for one, lefties just have more accidents. The most agreed upon explanation is that lefties get in more accidents simply because they’re trying to maneuver in a world that’s upside down and backward to them.

#4. They’re More Likely to Go Insane

Although left-handed people make up only 10 percent of the population as a whole, they compose a full 20 percent of schizophrenics. If you like those odds, you should know that left-handedness is also associated with dyslexia, ADD and some mood disorders.

#3. They’re Screwed at School

Right out of the box, left-handed kids realize the world wasn’t quite made for them. At school, they do worse on timed exams and suffer awful back and neck cramps in the process. Why? Freaking right-handed desks. And scissors. And everything else.

#2. They’re More Easily Scared

Studies have shown that, if you’re left-handed, you’re twice as likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Not that they don’t have reason to be afraid, considering that …

#1. Hating Them Is Ingrained in Our Culture

Left-handers in the Western World are kind of lucky that they only need to worry about annoyingly awkward tools. In certain parts of Africa, Europe and much of the Far East, it’s actually offensive to do anything with your left hand besides wipe your ass. For this and other reasons, the left hand is considered unclean and carries a cultural stigma.

Did you enjoy reading this post? Lefties, feel free to share your tales of woes with us!

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Image: Left-Handed Problems