Tweaking Behavior

Tweaking BehaviorNews hit the Web last week, talking about a certain squad-in-the-making in the U.S. that will aim to “nudge” people’s behavior towards the direction that President Barack Obama wants. With the success report of a similar project from the United Kingdom, everyone is apt to think that this system is indeed effective. But is it right to manipulate people’s behavior? Will it have a more desirable outcome for the country?

‘More responsible’

For sure, opinions will erupt left and right about this issue. Some will be optimistic about this project, thinking that within a few years, we will have less violence, more responsible taxpayers, less irresponsible parents, and more model families. Of course, some will negate this notion, thinking that it will be futile and that it is not right to manually tweak people’s behavior just so a “better” country will be realized.


Not to be polarizing here, but maybe we DO need a little tweaking in our behavior. What will all the outrageous behavior and rampage going around, not to mention all the unexplained violence and uncontrolled liberty that our young people are exhibiting. If the present generation of parents cannot control their own children, or rather, cannot guid the next generation towards the right path, then the government stepping in to do the job might just be the help that we need right now.

On the other hand, there’s all the other issues to consider about this project. Will this result in an “artificial” environment wherein everybody will seem to be somebody else and a person’s natural personality is restrained? And how will the people themselves feel about this? Will they feel like a pawn being manipulated in a chessboard, or will they feel happy that finally somebody is providing legitimate guidance?

Which side are you going to be on? Do you think tweaking people’s behavior is a good thing?

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The Essence Of Equality

The Essence Of EqualityEquality. Such a strong word, yet such a vague one. In a world torn by laws, rights, violence, racism, weakness, and injustice, equality can easily dissipate into the air. Were men and women created equal? Is one race really superior to the other? Do gays have the same rights as straights?


Many years ago, people were bound by strict rules about association, gender, religion, politics, and way of life in general. But slowly, through each passing year, things have changed. Slowly, those seeming “inequalities” have disappeared into the fights for freedom and equality. It’s as if we have been constantly tapping our foot on an imposing line symbolizing boundary, and constantly pushing and moving that solid line inch by inch, day by day, until the time came when what we have first recognized as taboo is now accepted as the norm.

‘Liberty and equality’

Before, gays were illicit citizens of the earth. Now, we have laws upholding their rights in our society, although not in every place. Before, slaves and minorities were rendered untouchable. Now, everyone can mingle with everybody else, and have a fair shot at leadership. Before, women were deprived of education and work because they were meant to stay at home to tend to house chores. Today, women can have the same school and work opportunities with men.

These are but a few changes that came about through our long and winding history of inequality and equality. Not every country enjoys this liberty. Not every person gets the same opportunity. But slowly, slowly, slowly, we hope that someday, we can achieve true liberty and equality for everyone. But only time will tell when that day would be.

What is your opinion about equality between genders and races? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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