The No-Fuss Approach To Digital Publishing

The No-Fuss Approach To Digital PublishingThe whole world has almost gone digital and even magazines haven’t been left behind in this trend. But how do you go about the whole digital publishing in a no-fuss way? iStaffSource now provides you a reliable system for producing, publishing, and marketing your online articles and magazines to your chosen subscribers.

‘No-fuss approach’

iStaffSource is a company composed of highly qualified staff from different outsourcing regions around the globe who can competently source, train, hire, and monitor the top virtual manpower fitted for the needs of your small-to-medium business. The company aims to serve you by assisting in the shift from conventional office setup to offshoring, cutting a huge chunk of your operational costs as you go along. And now, aside from the outsourcing of virtual employees, iStaffSource is in the publishing business.

How does iStaffSource make digital publishing a breeze? As we have mentioned earlier, iStaffSource offers and efficient no-fuss approach to magazine production and marketing. What you need to do is to choose the right service that you want us to perform and provide us with the content that you want to be published. We will deliver the finished product to you right within the agreed time frame. On top of that, we will also market your mag to your target audience. Isn’t that a breeze?

‘Less is more’

At iStaffSource, we believe less is more. That is, less fuss and more results for you! So, quit fussing about the incessant errors that you fear you may encounter in your magazine production and turn instead to iStaffSource for quality results. That way, you can concentrate on churning out great content for your fabulous magazine instead of stressing about the publishing process. iStaffSource is your trusted partner in article publishing. iStaffSource delivers.

For more details, visit its site and check out what has to offer. For more of its services, check out its service list at and see what else it has in store for you. We are looking forward to publishing more awesome magazines with you!

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Royals Fan Reads Book To Cope With Team’s Loss

It’s been fascinating to watch the many ways that people in Kansas City are dealing with the Royals losing their first 10 games at home, a domestic debut that our pal Sam Mellinger says hasn’t been seen in baseball since 1913.

“Royals Book Guy,” (pictured above) created one of the world’s most expensive library seats (a $240 Crown Club ticket) by cracking open a novel during Monday night’s loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. (The screencap of him engrossed in a presumably better fantasy world zoomed around the Internet and earned him the ultimate sign of Internet traction — a parody Twitter account.)

The Royals headed out on a three-city, nine-game road trip on Tuesday night, but any thoughts of it being a renewing experience were doused with a 4-3 loss at Cleveland. The defeat ran their losing streak to 12 games. As Joe Posnanski notes, five of the 20 12-game losing streaks since the strike have sadly belonged to the Royals.

Fans might be well advised to bring a stack of magazines that need catching up on — that’s because a pair of series against the Yankees and Red Sox will be waiting when the Royals finally return home.

Would you even think about reading a novel on site if your favorite team had a losing streak? Share with us your ways of coping with a bad game!

Source: Yahoo News

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