Rex Ryan’s Mistake Leads To Mark Sanchez’s Injured Shoulder

Rex Ryan's Mistake Leads To Mark Sanchez's Injured ShoulderIn the annals of New York Jets misery, there are many chapters. The Dan Marino fake spike. The losing. The losing. And did I mention the losing? Plus, more recently, there was the butt fumble. Now, there is a new chapter: Rex Ryan’s sheer, unadulterated, blazing, magnanimous, dumbfounding, putrid, sheer moment of lunacy.

‘Meaningless game’

Mark Sanchez came into a meaningless game with 11 minutes to go. Geno Sanchez—sorry, Geno Smith—had tossed three interceptions and inexplicably stepped out of the end zone for a safety. Clearly, Sanchez had won the job. It was his. Geno Sanchez—sorry, Geno Smith—had pooped the bed. He was done as a potential starter.

What does Ryan do? He plays Sanchez against third-stringers when he doesn’t have to. He shouldn’t have. Sanchez, in typical Jets fashion, got obliterated, and he had to leave the game with an injured shoulder.

‘Isn’t ready for the NFL’

It doesn’t matter if Sanchez recovers or isn’t seriously injured (he was getting his shoulder examined after the game). The decision itself is almost a firing offense. Smith clearly demonstrated he isn’t ready for the NFL. He’s a rookie; that’s expected.

So Ryan sent his starting quarterback into a game that means nothing, knowing that Geno Sanchez can’t play a lick and that Greg McElroy is the only other option if Sanchez misses time.

Well, when do you think will the New York Jets’ losing streak end? And what sensational blunder will Rex Ryan commit next?

Source: Mike Freeman | Bleacher Report

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People Just Won’t Stop Bashing Tim Tebow

People Just Won't Stop Bashing Tim TebowAs reports surfaced that Tim Tebow informed New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan that he didn’t want to be a part of the wildcat offense in Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers, apparently angry at being passed over for the starting quarterback job in place of maligned Mark Sanchez, the vultures closed in. He’s a “fraud,” a “loser” and, as ESPN’s Merril Hoge declared, is as “phony as a three-dollar bill.”

‘Secondhand unnamed sources’

Never mind that reports of Tebow’s insubordination all came via secondhand, unnamed sources or that Ryan wouldn’t confirm the story. Tebow set the record straight Wednesday, telling the New York Daily News that he never said he wouldn’t play.

“That wasn’t the talk at all,” he told the Daily News. “[Coach Ryan] knows that… For people to not know the situation and then start to bash your character and then say you’re a phony or you’re a fake or you’re a hypocrite, I think that’s what’s disappointing and that’s what’s frustrating,” he added. “Your character is who you are as a man and that’s a lot more important. … I take that way more serious than I’ll ever take a football game.”

‘Guise of critiquing’

With nothing but role-model tales to go on, the vultures have taken to bashing Tebow under the guise of critiquing his quarterback ability. Maybe Tebow isn’t good enough to be an NFL quarterback, but the “experts” who proclaim to know unequivocally that he isn’t don’t really know. In fact, the only evidence there is says otherwise. He has won in the NFL. He’s done it more times than not, and he’s done it despite being set up to fail. Heck, he was the best player on a pair of national championship teams that, last I checked, played in a conference that produces an awful lot of NFL players.

The vultures either can’t or don’t want to believe that Tim Tebow is real. That’s why they’ve been circling for years, convinced he would eventually provide them something juicy to sink their teeth into.

Are you a fan of Tim Tebow, or are you one of his bashers? What is there to love or hate about Tim Tebow?

Source: Jay Hart, Yahoo Sports

Image: Business Insider