Justin Bieber Faces Backlash For Touching Stanley Cup

Justin Bieber Faces Backlash For Touching Stanley CupJustin Bieber touches the Stanley Cup, North America explodes and the remaining survivors band together to fend off Belieber zombies in the resulting nuclear winter.

‘We’re No. 1′

According to Sam Laird of Mashable, Blackhawks marketing director Pete Hassen was the first to send the image of Bieber and the Cup spending quality time. As you can see, Bieber shed his Los Angeles Kings attire for the gig and gave the world a big, “We’re No. 1” hand gesture.

Based on the reaction from some sports fans, he might as well had made it official and went with another finger. Indeed, touching the Cup is usually afforded only to those hockey players who have actually helped their team win the trophy—it’s their white whale—but fans appear to be the most outspoken about Bieber’s tactic.

‘Next generation’

Hassen defended the organization’s decision to pose Bieber with the Stanley Cup, saying that the pop star opens doors to the next generation of Blackhawks fans.

“@oc_sports people need to relax. Justin Bieber reaches the same market audience that we will need to be the next Blackhawks fans.”

Bieber touching the Cup has happened before, and it will probably happen again. I know it’s hard, but fans must steel themselves, gather their families and rebuild. This isn’t the end. Some days you’re the Bieber, and some days you’re the mop bucket.

That bad, huh? And how about you — what is your reaction regarding Justin Bieber touching the Stanley Cup? Sound off in the comment box below!

Source: Dan Carson | Bleacher Report

Image: Deadspin

Facebook Now Allows Users To Edit Comments

We’ve all done it. Your friend uploads a picture of their new puppy to Facebook, and you somehow manage to leave a comment congratulating them instead on their “new pappy.” So what do you do?

Until now, the only thing Facebook would let you do to correct the error was delete the comment and start again. But starting Thursday the site is also now offering the ability to edit your comment — and change that pappy back to the puppy you intended in the first place.

The edit option appears in the form of a small pencil icon on the right side of your comment. Clicking on the pencil will bring up a drop-down menu with the option to edit your comment as well as the option to delete it entirely.

Facebook told Mashable the site will also be “showing the editing history for a comment so that subsequent commenters or likers have the full context of the conversation.” That way if someone responds to a comment that gets edited commenters in the future can see the history of the conversation and not get lost.

The editing ability went live on Thursday evening, and will be gradually rolling out to all users over the next few days.

Do you like Facebook’s new feature for editing comments? Tell us of your funnies comment gaffe on the social network!

Source: CNN

Image: Deccan Chronicle