Judge Blocks Ban On Super-Sized Sugary Drinks In New York

Judge Blocks Ban On Super-Sized Sugary Drinks In New YorkA New York judge is forcing the Bloomberg administration to take a big gulp — striking down its groundbreaking and controversial limit on the size of sugary drinks in New York City shortly before it was set to take effect.

‘Arbitrary and capricious’

Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling wrote in his opinion that the rules are “arbitrary and capricious,” applying to only certain beverages and only certain stores. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city plans to appeal, calling the ruling “clearly an error.”

“If we are serious about fighting obesity then we have to be honest about it and courageous about tackling it,” Bloomberg said. “We believe it is reasonable and responsible to draw a line.”

But Tingling said the city’s Board of Health went beyond its authority, and effectively would be “limited by its own imagination” if left unchecked. That, he wrote, “has the potential to be more troubling than sweetened beverages.”

‘Unpopular ban’

In the wake of the ruling, the American Beverage Association said the decision provided a “sigh of relief to New Yorkers and thousands of small businesses in New York City that would have been harmed by this arbitrary and unpopular ban.”

The city Board of Health approved the measure in September. Championed by Bloomberg, it follows on other efforts his administration has made to improve New Yorkers’ eating habits, from compelling chain restaurants to post calorie counts on their menus to barring artificial trans fats in restaurant food to prodding food manufacturers to use less salt.

Do you think sales ban on super-sized sugary drinks can have a noticeable impact on the city’s obesity problem? Should the ban go on or should they put a cap on it?

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Disappointed Marathoners Run To Aid Sandy Victims Amid Canceled Race

Disappointed Marathoners Run To Aid Sandy Victims Amid Canceled RaceHundreds of runners in New York City are refusing to let a canceled marathon spoil their Sunday plans and are channeling months of preparation into informal runs intended to benefit victims of superstorm Sandy.

‘Divert resources’

Amid criticism from victims of Monday’s storm that the race would divert resources from efforts to help flood-ravaged parts of the city, Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday canceled the marathon. The event, scheduled for Sunday, had been expected to draw more than 40,000 runners to the city.

Early Sunday, more than 1,000 people, many of whom had planned to run the race, crowded onto two Staten Island Ferry boats, headed to the stricken borough with relief supplies ranging from food to plastic bags to help residents store belongings from damaged or destroyed homes.

‘Raise money for a cause’

The idea for the Staten Island run came from Jordan Metzl, a 46-year-old doctor of sports medicine, and his running friends just as the debate was heating up last week about whether storm-battered New York City should hold a marathon. He was discouraged that the running community was being perceived so negatively when it holds so many races to raise money for a variety of causes.

The runners will take different routes across Staten Island and distribute supplies along the way. Other informal runs will be held on Sunday that loop around Central Park – the original 1970 route of the New York City marathon. Metzl, who has run 29 marathons in his life, said it would be pointless to let well-trained bodies go to waste.

Do you think cancelling the Staten Island marathon was a good idea? How would you be able to help the victims of superstorm Sandy?

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