What We Can Learn From Mick Jagger About Parenting

What We Can Learn From Mick Jagger About ParentingAccording to The Daily Mail, Mick Jagger’s ex-wife, Jerry Hall, has been unsuccessfully trying to get Jagger to purchase homes for three of his 20-something-year-old kids. Man, that’s gotta cost him around $300 million. Sure, Mick can easily write off a check to buy those houses and get it over with. I mean, come on, it’s Mick Jagger. We know very well he can afford those houses and still have more than enough to live a lavish lifestyle. So, what’s holding him back?

‘Not entitled to their parents’ riches’

Well, according to the British tabloid, Jagger is against giving housing subsidies to his kids. Let’s take a look at his oldest daughter, Jade, who is his only child with ex-wife Bianca. According to Jade, her dad believes that children are not entitled to their parents’ riches. Rather, they have to work hard to make their own name and fortune in this world. And right now, she now has her very own jewelry shop.

Wow. That should be tough to hear for most of the parents nowadays. These days, most of us think that being a good parent means spoon-feeding our kids with everything we think they need rather than teaching them to be independent and achieve something on their own. And this, my friends, is a very distorted view on parenting.

‘Strive on their own’

If we just take time to scrutinize our parenting strategies, analyze where our kids will be headed if we continue doing what we do, and rightfully question our actions rather than justify our means by our motives, then we will be able to see that most of us have clearly made detrimental mistakes in bringing up our kids. Loving them truly does not involve shoving amenities and luxury down their throat. It involves helping them grow up and set them up to be responsible adults in the future.

So, whenever our kids ask something from us — it may be the latest iPhone model, a new Xbox, wheels, or dough for a shopping spree — we first have to be introspective. Ask ourselves if your response to their requests (or maybe demands) will help them learn good or bad values.

Let’s learn from Mick Jagger. Clearly, he can easily afford to shower his kids with cars, houses, and other material things. But he does not capitalize on that. We have to understand that sometimes, witholding excessive provision for our children will prevent them from growing into spoiled and self-entitled citizens. Yes, it’s very difficult to do, especially for the uber-wealthy parents. But if we REALLY want our kids to live a meaningful life with self-fulfilment, then we have to strive to give them just enough to push them to strive on their own.

Are you guilty of bringing up kids who think they are entitled to your hard-earned money? Do you agree with Mick Jagger’s principle on parenting?

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President Obama Hits the Blues at White House Concert

The president just couldn’t say no: Mick Jagger held out a mic almost by way of command, and soon Barack Obama was belting out the blues with the best of them.

The East Room of the White House was transformed into an intimate blues club on Tuesday night for a concert featuring blues all-stars of the past, present and future — and the president himself. The surprise performance by Obama came at the end of the playlist when the blues ensemble was singing “Sweet Home Chicago,” the blues anthem of Obama’s home town. Obama was clearly savoring the moment, closing his eyes at times and nodding his head as he lip-synced the words. The president rose at the end to introduce the ensemble as the “White House Blues All-Stars” for the final song of the night, “Sweet Home Chicago.”

“For Michelle and me,” the president said, “there’s no blues like the song our artists have chosen to close with — the blues from our hometown.”

In advance of the concert, Grammy-winner Keb Mo had joked during a rehearsal break that Obama himself would perform, and there could even be a record in the works. He joked that Obama’s record would be called, “After the second term, now I can finally get my groove on.” Maybe he wasn’t joking after all.

The blues concert will be part of the “In Performance at the White House” series that airs on PBS. This one, designed to recognize Black History Month, will be broadcast on Monday on PBS stations and aired later on American Forces Network.

Source: Yahoo News

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