Egyptian Christians Gather To Worship After Muslim Brotherhood Destroys Churches

Egyptian Christians Gather To Worship After Muslim Brotherhood Destroys ChurchesCopts whose church was one of dozens destroyed by Muslim Brotherhood supporters have returned to the charred house of worship, with their pastor vowing the violence suffered by his flock will make them “better Christians.”

‘Ethnic cleansing’

Across Egypt, at least 60 churches have been targeted, along with Christian schools, homes, businesses and even an orphanage, according to conservative estimates. In the areas of Minya, Beni Suef, Fayoum and Assiut, Christian homes and businesses have received leaflets warning them to leave or face reprisals by Islamists, Christians said.

As violence envelops Egypt, Christians are paying a heavy price with scores of their most sacred buildings and monuments being systematically destroyed by members of the Muslim Brotherhood in what one Coptic leader called an attempt at ethnic cleansing.

‘Path toward Islamist rule’

The group, which is clashing with the military throughout the North African nation, has zeroed in on Christians since the Muslim Brotherhood-backed administration of Mohamed Morsi was ousted on July 3. The military removed him from power after he imposed several sweeping constitutional changes that appeared to put the nation of 90 million on a path toward Islamist rule.

Under fire, Christians are solidly backing the military’s harsh crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

How will Egypt achieve true peace and order in this situation? Do you think Egyptian Christians should leave for their own safety?

Source: Fox News

Image: Coptic World

Severely Wounded Troops Snubbed At Walter Reed Dining Hall

Severely Wounded Troops Snubbed At Walter Reed Dining HallIn a disturbing revelation about the treatment of America’s most severely wounded troops, Fox News has learned the military earlier this month decided to invalidate meal tickets and reduce hours for the sole dining facility in the Walter Reed building where they are recovering.

‘Walk, wheel or limp’

The decision affects the Warrior Cafe located inside building 62, home to all multiple amputees and long-term, recovering patients at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

The decision would mean wounded warriors who would normally have a government-funded meal just down the hall would have to walk, wheel or limp nearly a half-mile across the Walter Reed campus to the temporary “food trailer” for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


After Fox News submitted multiple inquiries with senior military officials earlier this week, the Pentagon responded late Wednesday. Lt. Col. Catherine Wilkinson, a Pentagon spokesman, told Fox News that Dr. Jonathan Woodson, assistant secretary of Defense for health affairs, has decided to reverse the changes. Yet so far, no patients at Walter Reed have been notified of that decision and there has been no formal announcement.

Officials in the Pentagon and at Walter Reed did not respond to questions about why the changes were made, but congressional sources with knowledge of the decision say it was based on concerns that government funds for the warrior meals were being misappropriated.

How should the government address this concern? Do you think the warrior meals are indeed being misappropriated? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us via the comment box below!

Source: Justin Fishel, Jennifer Griffin | Fox News

Image: Free Republic