Adrian Peterson: I Don’t Believe In Gay Marriage

Adrian Peterson I  Don't Believe In Gay MarriageConsidering gay marriage is such a polarizing topic in modern American society, it’s not surprising that the media asked NFL MVP Adrian Peterson for his opinion on the matter. His answer may surprise you. The Minnesota Vikings running back simply doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage.

‘Not with it’

According to Kevin Cusick of the Pioneer Press, Peterson appeared on Sirius/XM NFL satellite radio last Thursday with Amani Toomer and Bruce Murray, who asked Peterson if he felt the Vikings cut Chris Kluwe, their former punter, for his vocal support of gay marriage.

In his response, Peterson denied that there was any underlying reason for Kluwe’s departure but did not support his stance on gay rights:

To each his own. I’m not with it. But I have relatives that, you know, are gay. I’m not biased towards them. I still treat them the same. I love them. But again, I’m not with that. That’s not something that I believe in. But to each his own.


Regardless of his difference of opinion, Peterson was sad to see Kluwe go and felt that he was a smart person whose company he enjoyed immensely:

“It hurt me to see him leave. He was a good friend of mine and a really cool guy, man. Probably one of the smartest guys I’ve ever been around, man…different.”

Same-sex marriage will likely be a hot-button issue that gets brought up for years to come. Peterson isn’t the first athlete to speak on the matter, and he will not be the last.

How about you — are you “with” gay marriage or not? Feel free to throw in your opinion here!

Source: Alex Kay, Bleacher Report

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Percy Harvin To Be Traded To Seattle Seahawks

Percy Harvin To Be Traded To Seattle SeahawksPercy Harvin will reportedly be a member of the Seattle Seahawks in 2013, as the Minnesota Vikings have traded the star receiver for draft picks. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that this deal is “contingent upon a new contract for Harvin,” which should be able to get done in the next two days.

‘Dynamic player’

Harvin is one of the most electric receivers in the NFL. He’s a dynamic player with the ball in his hands, and his value is even greater when considering his ability to make plays as a running back and return man. In his four seasons with the Vikings, Harvin has caught 280 passes for 3,302 yards and 20 touchdowns. He has also returned 114 kickoffs for 3,183 yards and five touchdowns.

‘Fresh start’

But he and the Vikings have not seen eye to eye regarding his value for the past couple of seasons. As a result, Harvin has repeatedly expressed his displeasure, culminating in a trade demand on March 10 (h/t the Star Tribune‘s Sid Hartman).

With the Seahawks, Harvin will get the fresh start he desires, and he’ll play alongside one of the hottest young quarterbacks in the NFL, Russell Wilson. Combined with Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate, Harvin will give the Seahawks one of the most explosive young offenses in the NFL.

When Percy Harvin gets traded officially, which team would you root for by then — Minnesota Vikings or Seattle Seahawks?

Source: Jesse Reed, Bleacher Report

Image: AZ Central