Man Buys Gold Shirt Worth $250K

Man Buys Gold Shirt Worth $250KDatta Phuge’s nickname is “the gold man”, and it’s easy to see why. His knuckles, neck, and wrists are weighed down by the precious metal – signet rings, chunky bracelets, and a medallion that even an Olympic champion might envy. And on top of that, draped resplendently around him, glittering in the light, is a shirt of gold.

‘Extravagant fashion statement’

Weighing a staggering 3.3kg (about 7lb), it cost him a cool quarter of a million dollars (£162,000). It’s an extravagant fashion statement, to say the least, but for Phuge it’s an important one.

Given its impractical nature, the shirt only gets an outing on special occasions, like parties and important functions. It elicits a mixture of reactions, Phuge says. Some people are impressed. Others are sniffy about what they regard as the excessive bling. Either way, to ensure the shirt stays on his back, Phuge has a security guard with him wherever he travels.

‘Ultimate manifestation of achievement’

A team of craftsmen decided to make a gold cloth based on an Italian weave, using a special machine. They drew inspiration from old images of Indian kings wearing suits of armour. To prevent it scratching, they stitched a velvet lining inside. The finished shirt is heavy to wear and a little clunky. It can’t be washed so care needs to be taken not to let it get dirty, or indeed too sweaty.

Phuge says wearing it makes him feel good. For him it is the ultimate manifestation of achievement and gives him a status he has craved since he was young.

Every six to eight months, when his company turns in a profit, he buys something else made of gold. Next on his list is a mobile phone made entirely from gold, and perhaps a pair of gold shoes.

Would you drop $250,000 for a gold shirt? What is your most expensive luxurious indulgence so far?

Source: Rajini Vaidyanathan, BBC News

Image: Incredible Things

Carrier IQ Accused of VoIP Call Recording

Carrier IQ Accused of VoIP Call Recording

Carrier IQ caused a huge stir when 25-year-old Trevor Eckhart discovered that it was logging all the activities a person made using his or her mobile phone. Carrier IQ was an app that had been secretly installed on most Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia phones in the US. Eckhart also posted a video that showed how the app would report almost every action that the user made on his or her device.

UK mobile networks quickly stated that they did not make use of Carrier IQ “to the best of their knowledge.” Google has also stated that Carrier IQ was not installed in any of the smartphones in their lineup, including the Nexus One, Nexus S, and Galaxy Nexus handsets.

Now more accusations against Carrier IQ have surfaced. Some are now asserting that Carrier IQ also participated in VoIP call recording. A video of the app being used on an HTC device has garnered over 1.6 million views since it was uploaded on the site since the beginning of December.

Carrier IQ has denied that the app was snooping on the messages being sent by users or on the photos that were being taken using the devices. They also denied that the app did VoIP call recording. Carrier IQ insisted that they made use of the information collected to track performance data so that carriers would be able to improve their services.

A class action suit has already been filed against companies carrying Carrier IQ, including T-Mobile, Apple, Sprint, Samsung, HTC, AT&T, and Motorola. The suit alleges “unprecedented breach of the digital privacy rights of 150 million cell phone users.”