Top 6 Smartphone Habits You Should Curb

We’re talking about how annoying and rude and antisocial we’ve all become with our smartphones and tablets. These are things you literally could not do before the www went mobile; now we’re embarrassing ourselves all over the place. Please stop:

1. Drunk -tweeting, -texting, -Instagramming, etc.

Long gone are the days when the only witnesses to your inebriated ramblings were other bar patrons who also saw you stumble from your bar stool to the ground. Whether you’re able to keep it together with spelling and syntax, or your typing skills erode quickly, alcohol and mobile devices don’t mix.

2. Missing your favorite band’s concert because you’re so busy taking crappy photos, letting your phone ring and fiddling with your phone during the set.

Concerts really WERE better back in the day, not necessarily because music really meant something, man, but because the audience actually paid attention and sang along and danced instead of holding their phones in the air and spending 30-plus seconds trying to find the shutter button on the front of the screen.

3. Texting salacious pictures.

The ritual sharing of NC-17 photos used to be a complicated analog affair involving Polaroids and furtive looks. Nowadays, people just drop trou, snap and send.

4. Letting your seething anger leach out into the world at large.

Humans have always done stupid things when they’re emotionally riled up. Now, those tantrums and rages and outbursts are shared and cached for the world to see. Take a deep breath and put down the smartphone.

5. Texting while walking.

Rarely does this go well. Whatever’s so urgent can probably wait a few minutes. Or you can, you know, actually call the person.

6. Using your phone in the bathroom.

Don’t. Just don’t.

Are you guilty as charged of these bad smartphone habits? Send us your most embarrassing or hilarious smartphone gaffe!

Source: CNN

Image: Heart & Stroke Calendar Lottery

Ziimeo — Then and Now

Ziimeo is one of the up-and-coming media sharing websites that has improved a lot since its launching. During the previous year, it has started out as a simple online community for travel lovers worldwide. With only a handful of members at first, it has struggled to compete with other giants of its own genre. But now, it has come a long way.

Unlike other bigger websites that are limited to video sharing only, Ziimeo has opened its doors for sharing of other types of media such as images, music, and even games! With a diverse offer, Ziimeo has continued to attract travel junkies from all corners of the world. It has not stopped innovating and has continued to strive for enrichment, improvement, and excellence. Over the last few months, Ziimeo has developed and incorporated new features within the site that are sure to be of great use and pleasure to its loyal members.

Among Ziimeo’s many new features are the HD Active, Travel Club, Travel Deals, Insurance, Foundation, Careers, Poll, eStore, Create, Directory, Mobile, World Clock, and Streaming. All these were created to boost the enjoyment of both Ziimeo members and visitors.

Before, Ziimeo’s humble yet strong beginnings have been likened to the David-and-Goliath story in contrast to its giant predecessors like YouTube. And true to its word, Ziimeo will continue to shine, innovate, and grow bigger and stronger for its loyal community members. As more and more members join the Ziimeo community, travel lovers will be given the time to shine and be recognized worldwide.


Image: KozMedia