U.K. Police Dog Files Hilarious Witness Statement For Court Case

U.K. Police Dog Files Hilarious Witness Statement For Court CaseWhen members of the Crown Prosecution Service in West Midlands, England (responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in England and Wales), asked the police department for a statement from a witness named PC Peach, they were told that would be difficult because Peach, while intelligent, was actually PD Peach—and “PD” stands for “police dog.”

‘He tasty’

But the CPS continued to insist on hearing from “the witness.” So, one of Peach’s handlers wrote a statement in the character of the dog. The statement reads:

“I chase him. I bite him. Bad man. He tasty. Good boy. Good boy Peach.” It was then “signed” with a large black paw print.

Peach 1, CPS 0.

‘Not amused by the prank’

Members of the CPS, however, were apparently not amused by the prank. The U.K.’s Telegraph reports that after a photo of Peach’s statement was posted to various social networks, the CPS complained to the police chief that they were being mocked.

Who do you think is at fault here — the police dog handler, England’s Crown Prosecution Service, or PD Peach himself? Do you think this “witness statement” could get the U.K. police into trouble or could everybody just laugh it all off? After all, they DID insist on hearing from “the witness.” Feel free to share your insights regarding this unique court situation!

Source: Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

Image: Correio

Advert Ban: ‘Pregnant Nun’ Ice Cream Ad Offends Catholics

An ice cream company banned from using an advert displaying a pregnant nun has vowed to position similar posters in London in time for the Pope’s visit.

Antonio Federici’s advert showed a pregnant nun eating ice cream in a church, together with the strap line “immaculately conceived”. The Advertising Standards Authority has ordered it to be discontinued, saying it mocked Roman Catholic beliefs. Antonio Federici says it will now put up new posters near Westminster Abbey. Pope Benedict XVI will visit Westminster Abbey on Friday, before holding Mass at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday.

Antonio Federici, a UK-based company, has yet to reveal what image will be portrayed in the new advert, saying only that it would be “a continuation of the theme”. A spokeswoman for the company said the new image intended to “defy” the ban from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Defending the banned nun advert, Antonio Federici said the idea of “conception” represented the development of their ice cream. It added that the use of religious imagery represented its strong feeling towards its product. The firm said it also wished to “comment on and question, using satire and gentle humour, the relevance and hypocrisy of religion and the attitudes of the church to social issues”. The banned advert was featured in editions of The Lady and Grazia magazines.

The ASA said in its ruling: “We considered the use of a nun pregnant through immaculate conception was likely to be seen as a distortion and mockery of the beliefs of Roman Catholics. The ASA banned another advert for Antonio Federici in July 2009 that showed a priest and a nun appearing as if they were about to kiss.

In your opinion, did Antonio Federici go beyond the limits in the satirical ice cream ad? Tell us what you think of the “pregnant nun” concept!

Source: BBC News

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