Soccer Team Opens Big Opportunity for Allen Iverson

NBA legend Allen Iverson is in the middle of considerable financial disaster right now, currently holding such little cash that a judge has ordered his wages garnished to pay back a jewelry debt of more than $850,000. The guy needs money as fast as possible, and for Iverson that means getting a basketball job.

Yahoo!’s own Adrian Wojnarowski reported two weeks ago that Iverson has an offer to play in Puerto Rico, and Chris Broussard of cites sources claiming he’d spend some time in the D-League if it meant a chance at an NBA job.

Iverson is clearly looking for an answer (pardon the pun) to both his financial woes and diminished standing in the sporting world. And while desperate times call for desperate measures, some offers are just too ridiculous to consider. For instance, an indoor soccer club has now extended a not-insubstantial offer to Iverson.

It’s hard not to be a little curious about Iverson as a soccer player. For years, observers have speculated that, based on his elite quickness and toughness, he could have been one of the best soccer players of all time if he’d devoted himself to it from birth in the manner of athletes in other parts of the world.

Still, let’s call this offer what it is: a publicity grab by a team in a minor sports league looking to get as much attention as possible. There’s no way they can expect Iverson to take this deal. Disregard all the talk about helping Iverson stay in the United States or hosting his friends — the Lancers are exploiting a great athlete’s name recognition and dire circumstances in the hope of getting some extra money.

Source: Yahoo News

Image: Hiphop Wired