Take A Look At Derrick Rose’s ‘Gmail Inbox’

Take A Look At Derrick Rose's 'Gmail Inbox'Derrick Rose has mail. Lots of mail, actually. More than Tom Hanks, even. Beyond the Buzzer tweeted a totally fake, but equally believable picture of what the Chicago Bulls superstar’s inbox looks like. Almost needless to say, this is absolutely amazing—just hysterical.

‘Highly insulting’

Coach Tom Thibodeau appears to he hassling Rose on a daily basis, asking him the same question we’ve all been asking him since March. Then there’s Robert Griffin III, broadcasting how well his recovery is going. He was nice enough ask Rose how he was faring as well, even though we all know there haven’t been any real updates for quite some time.

No Rose inbox would be complete, however, without an email from LeBron James, who reminds him that even if he played, the Miami Heat would still win. That’s highly insulting, albeit slightly reassuring.

‘Not a suitable address’

For those who still blame Coach Thibs for leaving Rose in the game too long last April when he tore his left ACL, you definitely want to turn your attention to the email from Adidas. Rose’s injury may have been inevitable, because from what we can see, their shoes cause “serious injury.” And here Rose has a lifetime contract with them. Yikes.

Marco Belinelli also hit Rose up. Not to ask him to play or discuss the ongoing severity of his recovery, but instead to discuss the nature of his enormous, er, marbles. That one was bound to make Rose laugh. And let’s face it, he could use a good chuckle.  Or maybe a pizza. He has to be exhausted from all that sitting rehabbing he’s been doing. Papa John’s was kind enough to remind Rose that “the bench” is not a suitable address, though.

Do you find this fake Gmail inbox funny? So, what do you think is up with Derrick Rose right now?

Source: Dan Favale, Bleacher Report

Image: Sports Pickle

Papa John’s Faces Reduced Employee Hours Due To ObamaCare

Papa John's Faces Reduced Employee Hours Due To ObamacareThe CEO of popular pizza chain Papa John’s says his employees may face reduced hours and he expects his business costs to rise because President Obama’s re-election most likely insures the president’s health care reform law will be implemented in full.

‘Rising costs’

NaplesNews.com reports John Schnatter made the remarks to a small group at Edison State College’s Collier County campus the day after the election. Schnatter, who supported Mitt Romney in the election, said all Americans having health insurance under ObamaCare is a good, but estimates the change will cost Papa John’s $5 million to $8 million annually.

Schnatter estimated that these rising costs could adversely affect his workers. Since only full-time employees working 30 hours or more must be covered under the new law, he said he expects franchise owners will be forced to cut employees’ hours because they can’t afford the costs of health insurance plans.

‘No expansion or additional hiring’

The comments were not Schnatter’s first statements on ObamaCare. He made headlines in August for telling shareholders the law may lead to increases in the price of his pizza.

In addition, the Applebee’s family restaurant chain is under public attack, including the threat of boycotts after New York-area franchisee Zane Tankel told Fox Business Network that cost increases related to implementing ObamaCare might result in no expansion or additional hiring. Critics appear to have interpreted Tankel’s comments to mean he will layoff employees as a result of ObamaCare.

Are you in favor of ObamaCare? Which do you think is greater — the positive or the negative effects of ObamaCare? Feel free to share your thoughts on this new healthcare policy!

Source: Fox News

Image: Policy Mic