Aaron Rodgers Loses Bet About Ryan Braun’s PED Involvement

Aaron Rodgers Loses Bet About Ryan Braun's PED InvolvementWith the news that Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs and will be suspended the remainder of the 2013 season, it looks like Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is the one who should be eating crow after his tweets from a year ago.


Rodgers tweeted in full confidence that the media was slandering an innocent man and even told one fan he’d put his salary for next season on Braun’s innocence.

“MLB and cable sports tried to sully the reputation of an innocent man. Picked the wrong guy to mess with. Truth will set u free #exonerated”

“@toddsutton ya I’d put my salary next year on it. #ponyup #exonerated”

‘Game check’

Lindsay Jones of USA Today Sports interviewed the fan whom Rodgers tweeted at, who jokingly said he’d take just a game check from Rodgers, which would cost Rodgers $281,250.

Now, hindsight is always 20/20, and there’s obviously no way Rodgers could have known his baseball buddy was guilty, but these were pretty bold claims.

Do you think Aaron Rodgers would indeed pony up the money that he put up for the bet on his friend’s innocence? And what will become of Ryan Braun?

Source: Tristan Thornburgh | Bleacher Report

Image: Total Packers

MLB Suspension Looms For Alex Rodriguez And Ryan Braun

MLB Suspension Looms For Alex Rodriguez And Ryan BraunAccording to T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish of ESPN, some players are likely to be suspended for their connection to the Biogenesis performance-enhancing drugs scandal. Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun headline a large list of players that are reportedly expected to face suspensions from Major League Baseball shortly after the 2013 All-Star break.

‘Incriminating documents’

Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch has fully cooperated with the MLB investigation, reportedly handing over incriminating documents that link the players to his PED clinic, according to Quinn and Fish. Per ESPN’s report, Braun refused to answer any questions about the scandal in a meeting with MLB officials on June 29.

Both Braun and Rodriguez could potentially face 100-game suspensions—the penalty doled out to players for a second offense. The argument for the longer suspensions, per ESPN’s report, would be that the pair of sluggers committed multiple offenses by receiving the drugs and then lying about it.


Rodriguez’s use of PEDs between 2001 and 2003 will also be a topic of conversation during Friday’s meeting, per the New York Daily News. The report also states that Rodriguez’s $100 million deal could be in jeopardy if the third baseman is suspended. Should A-Rod opt for the physically unable to perform list, he would be guaranteed the full amount of his contract upon retirement.

Sources close to Rodriguez believe he has formulated a defense that will exonerate him from the scandal. The three-time American League MVP is currently playing for the Yankees’ Single-A affiliate.

Who else do you think are involved in this Biogenesis scandal? Do you think the MLB will go ahead and suspend the said players?


Source: Alex Ballentine | Bleacher Report

Image: News Day