Woman Arrested For Fake Breast Implants With Cocaine

Woman Arrested For Fake Breast Implants With CocaineA Panamanian woman has been arrested in Spain with fake breast implants that turned out to be plastic bags containing 1.4kg of cocaine.

‘Still bleeding’

When the 20-year-old was stopped for a search at Barcelona’s Prat international airport, police noticed that she had gauze under her breasts. She said she had had plastic surgery two months before, but the wounds were open and she was still bleeding. She was taken to hospital, where the cocaine bags were removed.

Spanish police say thousands of people try to take illegal drugs into the country every year, but this is the first time they have come across fake breast implants containing cocaine. Flights coming from South America, where most of the world’s cocaine is produced, are subject to thorough checks.

‘White object’

The young Panamanian woman had flown in from Colombia and initially denied having any illegal drugs on her, police said. But on closer examination, they were able to see a “white object” through her wounds. The seized cocaine has a street value of at least 60,000 euros ($80,000; £50,000).

Would you go through such a drastic measure such as this for an illegal business? What other bizarre drug smuggling methods have you heard of?


Source: BBC News

Image: Borderland Beat Forum

Man Sues Wife For Being Ugly

Man Sues Wife For Being UglyApparently in China, bad genes are grounds for divorce — and six-figure fines.

‘Cosmetic surgery’

The story starts out conventionally enough: Jian Feng, a resident of northern China, met and married a beautiful woman, and they had a baby girl. That’s when things reportedly got, um, ugly. Feng was “so sure of his own good looks, so crushed by the wrinkly ugly mess that was handed to him in a swaddle, that he decided to sue his wife because the awful looking baby was totally her fault,” says Madeline Holler at Babble. And then things went from ugly to crazy: He won.

Since the baby didn’t look like either parent, Feng accused his wife of infidelity. After a DNA test proved that the baby is, in fact Feng’s, the wife came clean on her little secret: Before they had met, she had undergone about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery in South Korea. And unverified before-and-after photos circulating on Western and Chinese blogs do show a marked improvement in looks after the women went under the knife.

‘Incredibly ugly’

Feng claimed that his wife misled him by not telling him about her plastic surgery before they wed. “I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues,” he reportedly said. “Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.” A judge agreed, and ordered the wife to fork over $120,000.

The wife obviously has to pay a huge amount of money, and got publicly humiliated in the process, but at least she’s free of an obviously odious husband.

What is your take regarding this sad story of a marriage gone ugly? If you were in the same situation as Jian Feng, would you sue your partner, too?

Source: Yahoo News

Image: Hurriyet Daily News