Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez Questioned In Homicide Investigation

Patriots' Aaron Hernandez Questioned In Homicide InvestigationNew England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was reportedly questioned by North Attleboro, Mass., police on Monday as part of an ongoing investigation of a possible murder that took place near his home.

‘Integral piece of evidence’

Police reportedly developed an interest in questioning Hernandez after a rental car became an integral piece of evidence in the murder of a 27-year-old Boston man, whose body was found on Monday within a mile of Hernandez’s home. It’s unclear whether he was murdered in that location or dropped there.

Police are currently working with Enterprise, the vehicle’s leaser, to dust the vehicle for fingerprints and check for other evidence. Thamel and Bedard’s report notes that a source close to the investigation has said Hernandez’s name is tied to the rental car. It’s unclear whether Hernandez himself rented the car or not.


ABC News’ Michele McPhee reported that the man murdered, who was unidentified as of publication, is an “associate” of Hernandez’s. ABC News also found out that Hernandez has been uncooperative with police since the investigation began, while Thamel and Bedard have reported the New England tight end has consulted an attorney in the case.

The Patriots organization has refrained from commenting on the investigation. A source close to Hernandez has confirmed that Hernandez did speak with investigators this week, but his representation refused to comment on the matter when contacted by Sports Illustrated.

How do you think is Aaron Hernandez involved in this homicide probe? And how will this affect his NFL career?

Source: Tyler Conway, Bleacher Report

Image: Deadspin

Baltimore Ravens’ Rolando McClain Arrested (Again!)

Baltimore Ravens' Rolando McClain Arrested AgainNFL linebacker Rolando McClain can’t keep himself out of trouble.  WHNT news passes along that the Decatur, Ala., police confirmed that the Baltimore Raven was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

‘Not receptive to the order’

The alleged incident took place at Pines Park. As WHNT explains, according to information from eyewitnesses, officers ordered McClain and several others to leave the park when a large crowd was gathering. McClain was not receptive to the order. He reportedly refused while using some expletives. He was handcuffed and transported to jail before being bonded out.

This, of course, is not the first time McClain has found himself in a bit of legal hot water.  In 2011, he made headlines when he was arrested, and eventually convicted, for assault and other charges “when he allegedly threatened to kill a man and fired a gun next to his head.”

‘Trying to salvage his NFL career’

He was arrested again this past January after he was pulled over for his window tinting. He had some more colorful language for the authorities when signing the ticket, which got him in trouble for providing a false name. All three of those arrests have come at the hands of the Decatur police.

The former No. 8 overall selection is a player who is trying to salvage his NFL career after being released by the Raiders earlier this offseason.

Should the Ravens cut him out of the team now? Anybody else got the feeling that this won’t be the last time that Rolando McClain gets himself in trouble?

Source: Richard Langford, Bleacher Report

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