The Power Behind ‘Power Posing’

The Power Behind ‘Power Posing’Postures that are open and expansive usually reflect power. On the contrary, people who feel powerless hunch, contract, and make themselves smaller. When we talk about power, the mind shapes the body.

‘Stressful interaction’

Before entering a stressful interaction or situation, preparatory power posing can be done by taking a few minutes to open up, occupy more space, and make yourself bigger. Do this by standing with your feet apart, hands on your hips, and reach out to form a ‘V’ with your arms. If you are sitting down, you may do this by propping up your feet on a desk or table, leaning back with your fingers interlaced behind your head, and elbows pointing out. You can do this anywhere you can find a couple of minutes of privacy.

Who can best benefit from power posing? Among these people are those who have are recuperating from serious sicknesses, injuries, and losses; unemployed people who are frustrated from a long time of fruitless job-hunting; young women struggling with a sexist working environment; people in the midst of abusive relationships; artists preparing for performances; would-be students wanting to return to their education; athletes in training; and those who have to confront bullies everyday.

‘Intrapersonal power’

To some, the word “power” can trigger a negative vibe because they are afraid of it. However, there is one kind of power that should not cause people to shy away from you, and that is intrapersonal power. It is not about interpersonal dominance. It is all about taking off the fears and inhibitions that prevent people from unleashing their potentials. When people are at their fullest selves, they can communicate and connect freely. Wouldn’t everyone want to be in a world where everybody feels the same way?

So, the next time you are about to walk into a stressful situation or confrontation, take a step back, find a corner where you can have solace, and take two minutes to do the preparatory power posing. Then, tell us how it has empowered and enriched your life!

Do you shy away from confrontations and stressful situations? How do you deal with difficult challenges?

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Why Microsoft’s Surface May Be Better Than iPad

When Microsoft unveiled the Surface tablet Monday, the software company clearly had one ultimate goal: to make a tablet that’s better than the iPad. Unlike some hasty competitors, Microsoft took its time getting into the tablet game. And there are at least five features CEO Steve Ballmer and friends showed off Monday that might make the Surface better than the iPad.


While it’s possible to get somewhat proficient at tapping spots on a flat screen, most acknowledge it’s impossible to get e-mail and other documents written as quickly as with physical keys. The Surface keyboard will be part of its Touch Cover, which is connected with magnets and flips open. It’s both sleeker and thinner than many of the third-party offerings for the iPad. And for the style-sensitive among us, they’ll come in a variety of colors, including black, pink, red and blue.


First, its display screen is 10.6 inches, almost a full inch bigger than the iPad’s. And the company says it’s optimized to have essentially the same dimensions as a movie screen: So, farewell black bars when watching video. The Surface’s Touch Cover, with the keyboard, is 3 millimeters thick.


Tablets have always been a hybrid hovering somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop, best used for game playing, Web surfing and media consumption. Microsoft wants the Surface to be something you can actually do some work on. The Windows Pro model will run on an i5 Intel processor and come with up to 128 gigabytes of internal memory (the iPad currently goes up to 64).

USB ports

Both versions of the Surface come with two USB ports. These ports open up the possibility of extra storage, printing and other external capabilities that should be easier and quicker than the workarounds iPad users need involving cloud storage, Wi-Fi connections and the like.

Xbox SmartGlass

The Xbox SmartGlass feature, which Microsoft rolled out at this month’s E3 video gaming expo, will work with the iPad and Android tablets. It will connect a smartphone or tablet with the Xbox, which in turn will be connected with the television. By connecting the devices, users can watch a movie on their television while getting bonus material on their tablet.

So, we gotta ask the techies out there — which gadget is better — the iPad or the new Surface?

Source: CNN

Image: Microsoft