Second Miss USA Contestant Alleges Pageant Was Rigged!

Miss Pennsylvania is finally getting some backup … because a SECOND Miss USA contestant is now saying there is PROOF the competition was rigged. Problem is … the corroborator is not revealing her identity. says the network spoke with the mystery contestant … who says Miss Florida Karina Brez told her she saw a secret Miss USA document which contained the names of the Top 5 finalists … before the Top 15 were announced.

The story seems to fall in line with the allegations made by Miss PA Sheena Monnin — who claimed Miss FL told her the same thing while they were backstage. Monnin has since resigned from her post and has given back her crown.

The Miss USA pageant — and its owner Donald Trump — have all denied the allegations … and have taken legal action … claiming Monnin’s claims are just “loser’s remorse.” Multiple contestants are also standing behind Trump … saying Miss PA is a sore loser who made the whole thing up.

Do you think there could be a grain of truth in this allegation that Miss USA Pageant was rigged? Or are these two ladies just sour-graping? Feel free to share your opinions with us in the comment box below!

Source: TMZ

Image: Damsels

‘Spaceball’ Mystery Finally Solved

It was hailed as a doomsday device, an instrument from a weather balloon or proof that extra terrestrial life existed. But the mysterious metal sphere fell to the ground in a remote area of northern Namibia has now been identified as a hydrazine tank from an unmanned rocket, commonly used in satellite launches.

Adrian Chen of Gawker reported that it was most likely a fuel tank for storing hydrazine on unmanned rockets. He said this after a commentator wrote on his blog: ‘For anyone wondering what it actually is, it’s likely a 39-litre hydrazine bladder tank.’

When the ball fell it caused a crater 12 inches deep and 13ft wide, although it was found some 60ft away. Police forensics director Paul Ludik said that the ball was discovered a month ago but was only made public this week. Whilst it was made of a ‘sophisticated material’, it was something that was known to mankind.

He explained that the explosion heard by locals could have been the sonic boom when it broke the sound barrier coming down to Earth, or by the impact on the ground.

The find sparked speculation on the internet that it could finally be proof of extra terrestrial life, even though it bore a passing resemblance to the head of a character from the children’s series Teletubbies.


Source: Mail Online

Image: International Business Times