Angry Golfer Immediately Apologizes After Knocking Out Another Golfer With One Punch

Angry Golfer Immediately Apologizes After Knocking Out Another Golfer With One PunchLet’s take you to the tranquil setting provided by Elk Point Golf and Country Club in Alberta, Canada, where one golfer seems to have a disagreement with another.

‘Immediately regrets’

Weary of talking out their differences, one of them knocks the other out with one wallop to the face.  Aside from the sickening sound the actual punch makes upon impact, the most captivating aspect of this fight is the guy with a mean right hook who immediately regrets his decision to resort to violence.

‘Most polite jerk’

He might be the most polite jerk we have ever seen, because he yells, “I didn’t want to do that. I’m sorry.” It’s pretty much the excuse Bruce Banner uses when he wakes up after a Hulk-fueled bender.

Anyone in the know, please let us know how this all worked out. We can only hope the man in white woke up and the two shared a beer and pancakes at the turn.

What do you think happened after the golfer knocked out his fellow golfer with one wallop? And what would you do if you were the golfer who was punched? Feel free to share your most amusing reactions and speculations with us via the comment box below!

Source: Gabe Zaldivar | Bleacher Report

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Chris Weidman Knocks Out Anderson Silva At UFC 162

Chris Weidman Knocks Out Anderson Silva At UFC 162Anderson Silva thought he could play with Chris Weidman. He dropped his hands. Taunted him. Invited Weidman to punch him in the face. For a round, Silva got away with it. And then he took it too far. He’s made a career of it, relying on lightning quick reflexes to make up for technical deficiencies. This time, however, things didn’t quite work out.

‘Slow motion’

Watching in slow motion, you can actually see Silva’s eyes focused on Weidman’s right hand. He never saw the left hand coming. And neither did anyone else—until Weidman put Silva’s lights out with a sweeping hook.  And the fight world’s jaw dropped.

UFC president Dana White could only shake his head and mutter about how Silva was “a killer, man” explaining to a reporter from the Chicago Sun Times that he didn’t know what was wrong with Silva that night.

‘Sword and spear’

All told, Silva won 16 consecutive fights in the UFC. Eleven of them were bouts contesting the middleweight title, a championship he held for 2,454 days. Those are all UFC records.

Alas, every man is mortal. At 38 years of age, Silva, his style so dependent on his otherworldly reflexes and timing, finally faltered. Weidman was able to do what no one else has ever managed. In combat sports, to be the man, you’ve got to beat them man. Weidman took the throne the old fashioned way—with sword and spear.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

Well, did you expect Anderson Silva to lose to Chris Weidman? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us!

Source: Jonathan Snowden | Bleacher Report

Image: SB Nation