Jim Harbaugh Rips Refs After Super Bowl Loss

Jim Harbaugh Rips Refs After Super Bowl LossSan Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh was understandably unhappy after losing Super Bowl XLVII by the agonizing score of 34-31. Losing to his older brother, as he did to brother John, had to put a little more salt in the wound.

‘Pass interference’

“You know, I really want to handle this with class and grace, and we had several opportunities in this game,” Harbaugh said just a few minutes after the game ended. “We didn’t play our best game, and the Ravens made a lot of plays and battled back. They competed to win. But there’s no question in my mind that it was a pass interference, and hold on [Michael] Crabtree on the last one.”

The play Harbaugh was talking about happened with 1:50 left in the game. The 49ers had fourth-and-goal at the Baltimore five-yard line, and after two incompletions to receiver Michael Crabtree, Kaepernick put the ball up again in Crabtree’s direction. It certainly looked on the play that Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith held Crabtree’s jersey long enough for a flag to be thrown, but no flag was forthcoming.


With 8:35 left in the game, and the Ravens up 31-29, cornerback Chris Culliver was called for pass interference on a Joe Flacco pass to Torrey Smith from the Baltimore 22-yard line. That foul, which did seem questionable on its face, took the Ravens from third-and-9 at the 22 to first-and-10 at the Baltimore 36-yard line. Culliver was toasted through most of the game.

Two plays later, after a two-yard run by Bernard Pierce, Flacco threw a short pass to Anquan Boldin and the officials gave Boldin what seemed like a generous spot. Harbaugh chose to challenge the spot, and it was overturned on review.

Did you watch the Super Bowl match between the 49ers and the Ravens? Do you agree or disagree with Jim Harbaugh’s statement about a pass interference?

Source: Doug Farrar, Yahoo Sports

Image: Toronto Sun

Kimbo Slice Is NOT Advancing To Heavyweight Title

Kimbo Slice Is NOT Advancing To Heavyweight TitleKevin Ferguson, better known as Kimbo Slice, became an Internet legend almost a decade ago by starring in street fighting videos. He appears to have found his latest meal ticket parading around the world as a professional boxer, taking on guys who probably don’t belong in the ring in the first place.

‘Completely winded’

In his fight with Australian Shane Tilyard, Ferguson was winded early – in the first round, mind you – and got hurt by a slow-motion punch from Tilyard. In the second, Ferguson stumbled into Tilyard in a move that looked as if he were remembering his MMA days and going for a takedown. Both men were completely gassed by the time Ferguson threw that innocent-looking hook to the midsection. Tilyard went down in obvious pain, and couldn’t beat the 10-count.

Ferguson’s supporters would point to that as evidence of his punching power. Rather, it was evidence that Tilyard was completely winded and couldn’t go any more. With the win, Ferguson raised his record to 7-0 (6 KOs) as a professional boxer.

‘Truly horrendous boxers’

All Ferguson’s 7-0 record proves is that there are a lot of truly horrendous boxers and that there are guys who know why they’ve been chosen to face him. They’re not there to win; they’re there to be the boxing equivalent of the Washington Generals. Several of his fights have seemed questionable, but that’s what happens when two guys off the street get into the ring and starting throwing at each other. They tire quickly and show very poor technique.

It’s a shtick, and a good one. He’s found a way to profit from his days as the street-fighting king, he’s getting to see the world and he’s doing so on someone else’s dime with very little risk. But let’s not perpetuate the myth that this guy would be remotely competitive with any of the top 30 heavyweight boxers in the world. He wouldn’t be. And, truth will be told, he never will be.

Do you agree or disagree that Kevin Slice will never make it to heavyweight boxing? Why or why not?

Source: Kevin Iole, Yahoo Sports

Image: Five Ounces of Pain