Facebook Friends Vs. Real Friends, How Many Do You Have?

Nowadays, Facebook has become a major basis for popularity. The more “friends” you have on Facebook, the more glamorous your life becomes. But reality bites, they say. If you start dividing the number of your Facebook friends by 11, the resulting number is the number of real friends that you’re likely to have, according to a recent poll in Australia.

This data is the result of an analysis of online and real time socializing which showed that an average Australian has about 154 online friends. In real life, that number decreases to a meager 14.

The term “real friend” here refers to someone who is not just an acquaintance, colleague, or “friend of a friend,” but a real friend in the real sense of that phrase. The said poll also found out that users from 18 to 24 years old had an average of 17 real friends compared to 301 on the social networking site. Heavy Facebook users also claimed to have 19 genuine friends in real life. [Read more…]