Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed on Red Carpet!

Reality star Kim Kardashian was flour bombed on the red carpet in West Hollywood on Thursday night.

Just before 8 PM, after finishing posing for the photographers at an event for her new fragrance, True Reflection, at the London Hotel off of Sunset Blvd., Kim was speaking to the house crew on the red carpet when a young woman strolled up to the reality star and dumped a bag of what appeared to be flour on Kim’s head.

“She came from Kim’s left, with a Zip-Lock baggie,” an Access Hollywood staffer on the scene said, noting the bag had about three fists full of white powder, believed to be flour. “The girl just kind of showed up on the red carpet.”

According to the Access staffer, who witnessed the event, no one stopped the woman, as she approached Kim ”She went in between Kim and her publicist and started dumping the bag on Kim’s head and shoulders,” the staffer recounted. Only a small amount of the powder actually touched the reality star, landing on her head and shoulders.

“She was shocked,” the Access witness said of Kim’s reaction. “And, as soon as it happened, she put her head down and security grabbed her and they rushed her off into the elevators.”

As for the flour bomber, she tried to briskly walk away from the scene, but was stopped and escorted away by security. Not one to let a little flour stop her, after about 10 minutes, Kim went back to work, returning to chat with the media, where she made jokes about the incident.

Source: Yahoo News

Image: Hollyscoop

Angelina Jolie’s Leggy Poses at the Oscars ‘Totally Unplanned’

Everyone was so enthralled with Angelina Jolie’s leg at the Oscars!! It was the hottest accessory on the red carpet!! But then she pulled it out of her slit again on stage!! Surely she knew what she was doing, riight??? Welll… according to sources close to her, the move (both of them) were totally unplanned. Uh huh…

The source insists:

Angie was vamping it up, no more, nothing less. There was no hidden meaning in what she was doing. The photographers went crazy for her on the red carpet and were screaming for her to ‘show some leg’ and so she did.

It was totally unplanned for Angie to do it again when she was presenting, she was having fun, living in the moment, like she always does. She is absolutely oblivious to the controversy and attention the sexy pose has created.

Okay… sooo… she just had that huge slit in her dress for kicks?? LOL!! We wouldn’t care if it was planned!! In fact, we were giving her kudos for it!! We thought it was really smart — a great way to amp that grand finale attention she and Brad always get on the red carpet!

Source: Perez Hilton

Image: Venus Buzz