TPC Marshal: Tiger Woods Lied About Sergio Garcia’s Flap

TPC Marshal Tiger Woods Lied About Sergio Garcia's FlapSergio Garcia’s complaint regarding Tiger Woods distracting him during the third round of last week’s Players Championship may have been an even bigger story than Woods actually winning the tournament. Now it seems as though Garcia may have been justified.


According to Michael Bamberger of Sports Illustrated, during Garcia’s backswing on the second hole of the third round, Woods pulled a five-wood from his bag, and it elicited a response from the crowd. Garcia then hit a poor shot and later blamed it on the fact that he was distracted.

Woods claimed that course marshals told him Garcia had already played his shot and that it was safe for him to do the same, but chief marshal John North is disputing Woods’ assertion. He claims that neither he nor fellow marshal Gary Anderson said anything to Woods.

‘Nightmarish end’

Garcia wasn’t shy about placing blame on Woods following the incident. He was adamant that Tiger’s action and the crowd’s subsequent reaction caused him to hit a poor shot. Woods didn’t deny pulling the club from his bag during Garcia’s swing, but he said he had clearance to play his shot.

It’s nearly impossible to know who is telling the truth, but Woods was able to shrug off the incident. He went on to win The Players Championship with a score of 13-under par. Garcia, on the other hand, finished in a tie for eighth as he imploded down the stretch.

It was a nightmarish end to a tournament that had so much promise for Garcia. Woods, meanwhile, has another Players Championship title to his credit as well as the massive winner’s purse in his bank account ($1.71 million).

Who do you think is telling the truth here — Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, or the marshals? Feel free to share your own speculations with us!

Source: Mike Chiari, Bleacher Report

Image: Game Dayr

North Korea’s Long-Range Missile Fails After Liftoff

Defying international pressure, North Korea launched a long-range missile Friday morning. However, U.S. officials say they believe the attempted launch failed before the missile was able to leave the Earth’s atmosphere.

U.S. officials confirm that a North Korean long-range missile appears to have broken apart midair after launch. Officials say they believe the missile fell apart within the Earth’s atmosphere before crashing into the sea. South Korea’s Defense Ministry first reported the launch, which is seen as defying international warnings and widely viewed as a provocation from the rogue state. The U.N. Security Council will meet Friday to discuss a response to the North’s attempted launch.

South Korean and U.S. intelligence reports say the launch was made from the west coast launch pad in the hamlet of Tongchang-ri. The launch comes after weeks of speculation regarding the possible launch, which North Korea’s government says was being done to send a weather satellite into orbit. If true, it would represent the third failed attempt by North Korea to send a satellite into space since 1998.

North Korea says it was timing the launch to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of the country’s former leader, Kim Il Sung, which they are celebrating Sunday. However, most observers say the launch is actually tied to the country’s missile program. Japan has already given its military clearance to shoot down the rocket if it crosses into Japanese airspace.

There was no word from North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, about the launch. North Korean television was reportedly broadcasting popular folk music at the time of the launch and has only said it will offer an announcement on the launch “soon.”

Source: Yahoo News

Image: Times 24/7