Dwight Howard Hints At Retribution Against David Lee For Elbowing His Mouth

Dwight Howard Hints At Retribution Against David Lee For Elbowing His MouthDuring the second quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson dropped the ball off for David Lee, who went up for a shot at the rim, elbowing Dwight Howard hard in the face. Referees called a foul on Howard, who was in the restricted area. Per Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, he ended up needing stitches to close the wound.

‘I’ll remember that shot’

After the game, Howard indicated that he would seek payback against Lee for the elbow:

“He got away with a shot. I’ll remember this. I’ll remember this game. I’ll remember that shot… He said he wasn’t trying to do it. You can look at the play and see it for yourself… I’ll take care of it later.”

Lee went up against Howard at an angle, elbows up and with the front of his body turned completely to the right. With the way he approached the basket, it’s no surprise his elbow connected with Howard’s mouth. But was it intentional? That’s hard to say.

‘Premeditated cheap shot’

If I’m the one getting clocked in the jaw, it could certainly be construed as a premeditated cheap shot. From an outside perspective, though, one can also make the case that Lee was simply shielding the ball from one of the best shot-blockers in the league. Either way, Howard doesn’t seem to care. All 265 pounds of him seems hell-bent on getting revenge. I shudder to think what he would have done to Lee in the second half if he didn’t already have one technical.

Glass half full, at least this shows Howard can taper his emotions when needed. He opted against retribution in favor of remaining in the game to help the Lakers.

Do you think David Lee intentionally elbowed Dwight Howard’s mouth or not? What kind of retribution would be waiting for Lee? Team Lee or Team Howard?

Source: Dan Favale, Bleacher Report

Image: Yahoo Sports

Manhunt For Fugitive Ex-Cop Ends In Deadly Flames

Manhunt For Fugitive Ex-Cop Ends In Deadly FlamesThe dramatic manhunt for fugitive ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner, who killed at least four people, apparently ended when the rural California cabin he holed up in went up in flames, with ammunition exploding in the inferno and smoke billowing up into the mountain air.

‘No official confirmation’

A source told the Associated Press that a charred body was found in rubble of the cabin.  Sources told KTTV that the body appeared to be Dorner, but there was no official confirmation.

Dorner, who hours earlier had killed one San Bernardino sheriff’s deputy and wounded another before barricading himself in the cabin, in the San Bernardino mountains, was believed to be inside. Dorner, who vowed not to be taken alive, had been surrounded inside the cabin since early Tuesday afternoon. It was not clear who set the fire in the Big Bear community where Dorner apparently has been hiding since sometime last week.

‘Vowed revenge’

It was a stunning end to a saga that gripped the country, and had the nation’s third-largest police department on tenterhooks for a week. Dorner, a former Navy man and highly trained marksman, had vowed revenge on the department he believed had wronged him – designating specific targets for death. As flames devoured the cabin, police stood by, confident that there was no escape for Dorner, and no way he could survive the blaze – assuming he had not already taken his own life. One law enforcement source told The Associated Press a single shot was heard inside the cabin before the fire broke out.

San Bernardino Sheriff Spokesperson Cindy Bachman told reporters that they will not enter the structure until it is safe to do so.

Could Christopher Dorner still be alive? Where could he be hiding? Feel free to speculate on this massive manhunt and share your thoughts via the comment box below!

Source: Fox News

Image: ABC News