Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss

Saying the wrong thing to your boss can do serious damage to your career — and some of the things bosses don’t like to hear may surprise you. We checked in with some managers and came up with this list of phrases they strongly dislike — and we’ll tell you what you should say instead:

“I need a raise.” Never enter salary negotiations talking about what you need — because of rising costs or a new expense, for instance. However, management probably does want to reward success and keep high-performing employees satisfied.

“That just isn’t possible.” Always speak to your boss in terms of what can be done. For instance, rather than saying “We can’t get this done by Friday,” say “We could definitely get this done by Monday, or if we brought in some freelance help, we could meet the Friday deadline.”

“I can’t stand working with ____.” Complaining about a coworker’s personality usually reflects more poorly on you than on the coworker. If you have to speak to HR about a problem such as a colleague’s threatening, illegal or unethical behavior, keep your tone professional and the focus on work — not personal issues.

“I partied too hard last night — I’m so hung over!”  Buck up and get through the day with some ibuprofen, extra undereye concealer and coffee. Even if you have a friendly relationship, he’s just as likely to react with (unspoken) disdain as sympathy.

“Let me set you up with…” Avoid the urge to play matchmaker for your single boss. Smart workers will draw the line at “oversharing” — definitely something to keep in mind if you’re connecting to your company’s managers on social networks like Facebook.


Source: Yahoo News

Image: V Newswire