Rex Ryan’s Mistake Leads To Mark Sanchez’s Injured Shoulder

Rex Ryan's Mistake Leads To Mark Sanchez's Injured ShoulderIn the annals of New York Jets misery, there are many chapters. The Dan Marino fake spike. The losing. The losing. And did I mention the losing? Plus, more recently, there was the butt fumble. Now, there is a new chapter: Rex Ryan’s sheer, unadulterated, blazing, magnanimous, dumbfounding, putrid, sheer moment of lunacy.

‘Meaningless game’

Mark Sanchez came into a meaningless game with 11 minutes to go. Geno Sanchez—sorry, Geno Smith—had tossed three interceptions and inexplicably stepped out of the end zone for a safety. Clearly, Sanchez had won the job. It was his. Geno Sanchez—sorry, Geno Smith—had pooped the bed. He was done as a potential starter.

What does Ryan do? He plays Sanchez against third-stringers when he doesn’t have to. He shouldn’t have. Sanchez, in typical Jets fashion, got obliterated, and he had to leave the game with an injured shoulder.

‘Isn’t ready for the NFL’

It doesn’t matter if Sanchez recovers or isn’t seriously injured (he was getting his shoulder examined after the game). The decision itself is almost a firing offense. Smith clearly demonstrated he isn’t ready for the NFL. He’s a rookie; that’s expected.

So Ryan sent his starting quarterback into a game that means nothing, knowing that Geno Sanchez can’t play a lick and that Greg McElroy is the only other option if Sanchez misses time.

Well, when do you think will the New York Jets’ losing streak end? And what sensational blunder will Rex Ryan commit next?

Source: Mike Freeman | Bleacher Report

Image: USA Today

Tim Tebow Finally Cut From New York Jets

Tim Tebow Finally Cut From New York JetsThe first domino in the New York Jets quarterback controversy has fallen, and it’s a big one: Tim Tebow has been released by the team.

‘Became expendable’

Tebow arrived in New York with a lot of fanfare after being traded to the team before the 2012 season, but he rarely saw the field. The Jets used him in a limited Wildcat role and even on special teams, but he wasn’t given a chance to start as a quarterback under head coach Rex Ryan.

With the team signing David Garrard this offseason and drafting Geno Smith in the second round of the 2013 draft, the former Florida star became expendable. Tebow may find it very difficult to find a job in the offseason. It’s clear at this point that most NFL teams don’t view him as a starter—per Schefter, the Jets tried to trade him, to no avail—and he brings a media firestorm with him wherever he goes.

‘Heavily scrutinized’

Since hitting the NFL, Tebow has seen his every move heavily scrutinized and highly publicized. One of the most decorated college quarterbacks of all time—he won two national championships and a Heisman Trophy while at the University of Florida—Tebow is also an extremely polarizing figure, as he openly promotes his religious beliefs.

The best stretch of his NFL career came in the 2011 season, when he led the Denver Broncos into the playoffs and upset the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card Round.

Did the New York Jets make the right decision when they released Tim Tebow? Yay or Nay?

Source: Timothy Rapp, Bleacher Report

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