Professional Snowmobiler Caleb Moore Dies After X Games Crash

Professional Snowmobiler Caleb Moore Dies After X Games CrashCaleb Moore, a 25-year-old professional snowmobiler, has died from injuries he sustained during a horrific crash during the Aspen X Games last week. He passed away this morning in Colorado, a family spokesperson said.

‘Snowmobile flipped over’

Moore’s family declined to release further details about the death, but stated on Sunday that he had suffered a “brain complication” stemming from the accident … on top of a severe concussion and bleeding of the heart. Moore was competing at the snowmobile freestyle final last Thursday when his 450-pound snowmobile flipped over and landed on top of him.

‘Risks remain’

ESPN released a statement Tuesday, saying, “We’ve worked closely on safety issues with athletes, course designers and other experts for each of the 18 years of X Games. Still, when the world’s best compete at the highest level in any sport, risks remain.”

Caleb — once an avid all-terrain vehicle rider — was a 4-time X Games medalist who first began competing in 2010, after just one month of practicing on snowmobiles.

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Source: TMZ

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Dutchman Constructs Noah’s Ark Replica To Save The Netherlands From Flood

A Dutchman has built a replica of Noah’s Ark to biblical proportions, following a dream his homeland would be flooded.

Johan Huibers, a wealthy businessman, used the ancient measurement of the cubit — the length of a man’s arm from elbow to fingertips — to build the vessel to the dimensions specified in the book of Genesis. The finished craft — which has just been opened to the public on the Merwede River in the Dutch town of Dordrecht — will operate as a “Bible museum,” with life-sized plastic animals and an aviary of live birds to give visitors more to interact with.

The origin of the project stems from a dream Huibers said he had in 1992, in which the low-lying Netherlands was flooded by the North Sea. He resolved to build the ark, to inspire children with the biblical story of how Noah and the inhabitants of his Ark survived the flood that, according to Old Testament, washed the world clean of sin.

Despite his best efforts, it was impossible to adhere entirely to the biblical description of the Ark. Genesis describes Noah’s boat as made of “gopher wood,” but experts disagree over what this is. Instead, Huibers and his team built the boat by welding together the metal hulls of 25 barges into a single frame, which was then covered with Scandinavian pine. Weighing about 3,000 tons, the boat contains sleeping quarters, a theater, restaurant and conference facilities to seat 1,500 people.

Huibers initially wanted to sail his ark to London for the Olympics to share his message with sports fans. But he was forced to abandon his plan to sail across the North Sea after authorities raised safety issues.

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