Oakland Raiders Want $800-Million Stadium

Oakland Raiders Want $800-Million StadiumThe Oakland Raiders have one of the oldest and most unsightly stadiums in the NFL today. However, according to Matthew Artz of the Oakland Tribune, the Raiders are interested in building a 50,000-seat stadium in Alameda County, which would cost an estimated $800 million. The stadium would reportedly be the smallest in the league if it comes to fruition.

‘Ability to pay’

Despite that, there are major concerns regarding the Raiders’ ability to pay for it. According to Artz, the Raiders are willing to put up $300 million and also plan to borrow $200 million from the NFL as part of the league’s stadium loan program. That leaves $300 million, which would have to come from taxpayers, but it remains to be seen if such a proposal would be accepted.

‘Average attendance’

Councilman Larry Reid admitted that Oakland sports could be in dire straits if a deal doesn’t get done, especially with the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and MLB’s Oakland Athletics potentially looking to move out of Oakland to San Francisco and San Jose, respectively.

O.co Coliseum can seat as many as 64,200 fans, but the Raiders were dead last in the league in average attendance last season at just over 54,000 fans per game, according to ESPN. With that in mind, a 50,000-seat stadium would be much easier to fill to capacity, but there are no guarantees that the Raiders will be able to make this work.

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Source: Mike Chiari | Bleacher Report

Image: ESPN

Asiana Airlines Plane Crashes At San Francisco Airport

Asiana Airlines Plane Crashes At San Francisco AirportIt had been an uneventful 10-plus hour flight from Seoul, South Korea, approaching San Francisco’s airport on a clear summer day. Then, in a few horrifying seconds, that calm was shattered.

‘Lopped off entirely’

A fireball erupted after the Boeing 777 airliner hit the runway hard around 11:30 a.m., rocked back and forth, spun around, shearing off the plane’s tail. Scores of passengers and crew climbed out — some jumping, others sliding down evacuation chutes as flames and smoke billowed from the aircraft’s windows.

Two people were found dead outside the plane, according to San Francisco fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White. The airline identified the dead girls as students Wang Linjia and Ye Mengyuan, both 16. Somehow, 305 others survived.

Video taken soon after the crash and posted on YouTube showed dark gray smoke rising from the plane, which was upright on its belly, with no landing gear evident. Its roof was charred and, in spots, gone entirely. The back of the plane appeared to have been lopped off entirely..

‘No signs of terrorism’

Investigators from Washington and Seoul are heading to northern California trying to answer a simple question. How did this happen? While the exact cause will take months to determine, the South Korean Transport Ministry said “the tail of the Asiana flight hit the runway and the aircraft veered to the left out of the runway.”

Members of South Korea’s Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Board will travel to San Francisco, that agency said. They’ll be joined by a “go-to” team from the United States’ National Transportation Safety Board, led by chairman Deborah Hersman. Right now, they’re not sure what they’ll find, though a U.S. national security official has said there are no signs of terrorism.

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Source: Greg Botelho | CNN

Image: Softpedia