Bosnian Goalie Played 90-Minute Match With Bullet Lodged In His Head

Bosnian Goalie Played 90-Minute Match With Bullet Lodged In His HeadBosnian goalkeeper had the terrifying realization that the headache he suffered during a game was actually from a bullet lodged in his head.

‘Played the entire 90-minute fixture’

Dirty Tackle’s Ryan Bailey discovered one of the more remarkable stories we have ever seen over at the Sarajevo newspaper Dnevni Avaz. Those are stunning details of a goalkeeper who found out the nagging headache he had was from a 9mm bullet—the byproduct of an irresponsible person celebrating a local wedding by firing a few shots in the air.

According to the report, Duško Krtalica, the 51-year-old amateur keeper, was in goal for his suburban team when he complained that his head was hurting.  Being far more of a man than I could ever hope to be, he played the entire 90-minute fixture and only allowed one goal.

‘Clearly lodged in his skull’

At some point, he began to complain about far more severe symptoms. Bailey writes that Krtalica “complained of a stiff arm and had difficulty speaking. He was driven to a local hospital, where doctors were shocked to see that a 9mm bullet was clearly lodged in his skull.” Thankfully, the report had some answers as to how a bullet came to be lodged in an unsuspecting keeper’s head:

According to Dnevni Avaz, a 42-year-old local named Seyne Ligata was subsequently arrested and his pistol was seized. A further 12 shells were found near the football field, suggesting it was very lucky that no one else was injured.

In an odd twist, the goalkeeper was both the luckiest and most unfortunate player on the pitch. While he did get hit in the head with a bullet, the report states that he made it through the operation just fine and is in stable condition.

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Source: Gabe Zaldivar, Bleacher Report

Image: USA Today

Cold Snap Tightens Death Grip on Europe

More deaths have been reported from the cold snap across Europe, which has already claimed more than 200 lives.

Ukraine continues to be hardest hit, with another nine deaths overnight. Officials say 131 have now died, most of them homeless people, and 1,800 people have been taken to hospital. Eight people died in Poland overnight, police say, bringing the toll to 53.

At least four have died in France since the Arctic spell began and 43 departments in France have been put on alert for “exceptional” weather conditions. The Italian capital Rome has seen its heaviest snowfall in more than 25 years, with runs on essential goods at supermarkets reported. The Italian national rail operator is facing class action lawsuits after hundreds of people were trapped in trains due to the weather, AFP news agency reports.

Three helicopters were being used over eastern Bosnia on Sunday to deliver food and pick up people who needed evacuation. A state of emergency is in force in the capital, Sarajevo, where snow has paralysed the city.

In neighbouring Serbia, 70,000 people remain cut off and 32 municipalities throughout the country have introduced emergency measures, according to senior emergency official Predrag Maric. The Netherlands marked temperatures of -21.8C in the town of Lelystad on Saturday, the lowest recorded in the country for 27 years.

Source: BBC News

Image: The Washington Post