Canadian Stores Scammed Into Selling Fake Clay iPad 2s

As many as 10 fake iPad 2s, all made of slabs of cheap modeling clay, were recently sold at electronic stores in Vancouver, British Columbia. Best Buy and Future Shop have launched investigations into how the scam was pulled off.

The tablet computers, like most Apple products, are known for their sleek and simple designs. But there’s no mistaking the iPad for one of the world’s oldest “tablet devices.” Still, most electronic products cannot be returned to stores in Canada. For the the stores and customers to be fooled by the clay replacements, the thieves must have successfully weighed out the clay portions and resealed the original Apple packaging.

Future Shop spokesman Elliott Chun told CTV that individuals bought the iPads with cash, replaced them with the model clay, then returned the packages to the stores, and took flight. The returned fakes were restocked on the shelve and sold to new, unwitting customers.

The scam was first brought to CTV’s attention by a victim of the crime, Mark Sandhu. Sandhu says after purchasing what he thought was an iPad 2 for his wife for Christmas, he tried to return the clay, only to be rebuffed. “Maybe the way I was dressed, I don’t know,” he said. “She made me feel like I’m trying to scam them out of $700. I was the one getting scammed.”

Sandhu contacted Future Shop’s head office, Apple and local police, but no one believed his story. Future Shop has since apologized and given Sandhu a full refund along with a free tablet–a real one.


Source: Yahoo! News

Image: CTV News


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