Why Swedish Male Train Drivers Wear Skirts To Work

Why Swedish Male Train Drivers Wear Skirts To WorkA dozen male train drivers in Sweden have circumvented a ban on shorts by wearing skirts to work in hot weather. The workers, who operate the Roslagsbanan line north of the capital Stockholm, have been wearing skirts to work for the past two weeks.

‘Blessing to wear skirts’

Employer Arriva banned the drivers from wearing shorts after taking over the running of the line in January. But the company has given the men its blessing to wear skirts, according to local newspaper Mitti.

‘Skirts on hot days’

“Our thinking is that one should look decent and proper when representing Arriva and the present uniforms do that. If the man only wants [to wear] a skirt then that is OK,” Arriva communications manager Tomas Hedenius told the paper. “To tell them to do something else would be discrimination.”

Driver Martin Akersten told the BBC he and his colleagues came up with the idea to wear skirts after they were informed of the new company dress code in the winter. The male drivers have chosen only to wear skirts on hot days, opting for trousers in cooler conditions.

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Source: BBC News

Image: International Business Times

Golden State Warriors To Debut New Uniforms With Sleeves!

Golden State Warriors To Debut New Uniforms With SleevesThat right there is a new jersey that Adidas has developed and that the Golden State Warriors will wear on Friday, Feb. 22, when they take on the San Antonio Spurs in a nationally televised game on ESPN. It has sleeves, which is different.

‘Growing trend’

As Marcus Thompson II of the San Jose Mercury News tells it, Adidas reportedly first pitched the short-sleeved jerseys to the Warriors in August 2011 and hopes they’ll be a “growing trend” in uniforms and merchandising:

It’s being called the “adizero NBA short sleeve uniform system.” And Adidas boasts it as a revolutionary marriage between performance and aesthetics.

The uniforms are 26 percent lighter than their traditional counterparts, which Adidas said its research revealed was most important to players. They come with the ever-popular moisture-absorbing feature… The shorts — which have pinstripes inspired by the Bay Bridge — have been modernized, too. The stretch woven fabric, pricked with thousands of holes, make the bottoms as lightweight and airy as ever.

‘Uniformly positive’

From a player’s perspective, how the new jerseys and shorts feel on the court would seem to be of paramount importance; on that score, according to Thompson, representatives from Adidas (which had multiple several players test them out over the summer) and the Warriors (who’ve gone through full practices in the alternates) say the feedback’s been uniformly positive. For his part, jersey model Harrison Barnes said he’s “able to shoot and move” in them and that players will like the new unis once they “take […] a little it of time to get used to” them.

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Source: Dan Devine, Yahoo Sports

Image: Facebook