Study: ‘Old Person Smell’ Is Real

The distinctive “old person smell” you may have picked up on when visiting your grandparents most likely wasn’t your imagination, a new study indicates.

When given whiffs from pieces of pads worn under the armpits of young, middle-aged and elderly people for five consecutive nights, study participants could reliably distinguish the body odor of the elderly, who were 75 and older, the researchers found.

“The results of this study support the cross-culturally popular concept of an ‘old person odor,'” writes the international team in a study published on May 30 in the journal PLoS ONE. The notion that the elderly have a distinct smell exists in multiple cultures, and usually the odor is said to be unpleasant. But this probably has more to do with negative perceptions of old age, rather than with the odor itself, according to study researcher Johan Lundström, an assistant professor at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.

It’s not yet clear why body odor changes as humans age or why humans are able to pick up on these changes. Body odors originate from an interaction between skin gland secretions and bacteria on our skin. As people age, the activity of different types of skin glands changes. This factor may contribute to the perceived change in body odor with age, the researchers write.

So far, scientists can only speculate on why this apparent signal for old age exists. Research in other animals indicates that such an odor may act as a sign of the “good genes” that have allowed a male to live into old age, making him more attractive to females. It’s also possible the distinctive odor is not a direct result of age; for instance, it could be associated with increased inflammation (part of an immune response) within the bodies of the elderly, Lundström said.

Do you agree with this study? Why or why not?

Source: Yahoo News

Image: Time

The Real Truth About Co-Enzyme Q10

Here is the Best Way That the CoQ10 You Take Can Give You the Energy You Need…

 The Health Supplements market already acknowledges the many health benefits of taking Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) – increased energy, improved metabolism, weight loss, cell protection, and better cardiovascular health, periodontal health – however, you must take it in a particular form to derive the full power of all these benefits. Any other form and it’s almost useless!

In fact, most of the CoQ10 people are taking will never makes it to their cells where it should be doing the most good!

If not taken in the right form, most people over 50 yrs have a really hard time converting their CoQ10 into a usable energy form. The greater share of the valuable CoQ10 enzyme has disappeared before it is even consumed – making it impossible to reach your cells to give them the protection and nourishment they need.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to solve this problem forever. Just make sure you maintain healthy levels of CoQ10 in your body cells all year round. You will enjoy the increased energy, vitality, heart and general health that CoQ10 can deliver when it actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream and delivered to your cells!

The problem with most common brands of commercially available CoQ10 supplements is that they use a synthetic form of the enzyme – ubiquinone – and then mix it with oil or gel, so you can digest it quicker. The problem is that once the enzyme is mixed with liquids it looses its energy powers, rendering the supplement to being almost useless and you have wasted your money!

Other common brands of CoQ10 use a new refined version of ubiquinone called ubiquinol which manufacturers claim will increase the speed of absorption into the bloodstream. A problem with this refined ubiquinol is that when you break down ubiquinone into ubiquinol, vital electrical energy is lost in the process.

To achieve the same amount of energy from the traditional oil or gel based CoQ10 made from ubiquinol you will need 4 – 8 times the quantity to receive the same result. It will also cost you 4 – 8 times the price! To keep the price down the suppliers increase the oil or gel ratio in the caplet.

A further problem with ubiquinol is that it is still in the testing stages with the FDA and is not yet globally available.

There is a product that has been consistently tested that will solve these problems.  It is my best-selling CoQ10 supplement – Premium Q10 by Paul O’NeillThis CoQ10 product uses the traditional ubiquinone but delivers it in a dry base of Magnesium and Calcium Phosphate formula. This base enables the CoQ10 to remain dry and preserves the vitally important electrical charge of the CoQ10 prior to ingestion.

The advantage of this dry phosphate formula is that you receive dissolution in your stomach within 5 – 10 minutes of ingestion and cellular uptake as tested on ergo meters in about 10 – 15 minutes.

With Premium Q10, most people can get all the anti-aging power of CoQ10 with just one capsule a day. That makes the health benefits of CoQ10 available to you at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent dry based ubiquinol.

Premium Q10 consists of 100% ubiquinone – CoQ10 in its pure form. As a result, the beneficial CoQ10 enzyme remains in your blood stream much longer than with ordinary oil or gels based CoQ10 tablets and caplets.

The “delivery system” used in Premium Q10 speeds up and maximizes absorption even further. So, how does it work?

The outer capsule is a soft vegetable casing with a precisely measured dosage of 150 mg inside– our daily recommended requirements – of ubiquinone CoQ10. Once inside your body, the dry phosphate quickly dissolves, rapidly releasing the CoQ10 into your bloodstream. This dry phosphate formula ensures you receive the rapid energy release within 5 – 10 minutes of ingestion.

The many health benefits of taking Premium Q10 by Paul O’Neill

You’ll experience increased energy, better cardiovascular health, improved metabolic function, cell protection and weight loss are just a few when it comes to the health benefits received by people taking Premium Q10 by Paul O’Neill daily (yes, I take Premium Q10, as does everyone in my family!).

Here are some of the many other ways Premium Q10 can help you look better, live longer and feel better:

  • Skin care. Studies show that CoQ10 can help reduce wrinkles and protect skin from the damaging effects of too much exposure to sunlight and airborne pollutions.
  • Heart health. According to cardiovascular medical experts, a number of clinical studies have found CoQ10 can promote cardiovascular health.
  • Oxidative stress. Premium Q10 is a powerful antioxidant, that eliminates free radicals that can cause damage to cell membranes and mitochondria.
  • Blood sugar. An Australian study showed that particpants who took CoQ10 were able to maintain blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range.
  • Clear-headed comfort. In a study, more than 6 out of 10 participants treated with CoQ10 daily reported feeling more clear-headed comfort.
  • Gum health. CoQ10 can improve gum and oral health.
  • Bronchial Health. Researchers in Texas found CoQ10 helps promote bronchial health.
  • Vision. In a recent clinical trial, taking CoQ10 for a year helped participants see more clearly.
  • Cognition. An animal study performed at Johns Hopkins University, US found that CoQ10 supplementation can improve learning and memory abilities.

We know from many years of research into energy production that CoQ10 has a direct effect on the human metabolism and physiology. I’ve seen the evidence of clinical tests first-hand. And I’ve seen the effects on many of the people that take my Premium Q10.

Hi, may I share a secret with you? I intend to have the energy and vitality of a teenager well into my 60s, 70s, and even my 80s! That’s my goal. That’s the whole point of anti-aging medicine: to retain the power of youth well into our older years.

That’s why I take Premium Q10 every day. CoQ10 is one nutrient I plan to take every day for as long as I live. You should, too. And now we’ve made taking CoQ10 daily more convenient, affordable, and more effective than ever….

Paul O’Neill, MD, Advance Health Products P/L