Mexican-American Boy Shrugs Off Racist Comments After Singing National Anthem At NBA Finals

Mexican-American Boy Shrugs Off Racist Comments After Singing National Anthem At NBA FinalsAn 11-year-old boy’s rendition of the national anthem at Game 3 of the NBA finals brought the usual appreciative applause Tuesday, but outside AT&T Center in San Antonio, his performance brought a darker reaction from some posters on social media — and eventually an online backlash against their racist comments.

‘Harsh reaction’

Sebastien has been singing since he was 5 but gained fame in 2012 after being on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” for singing his mariachi ballads with hopes of winning to help his younger brother get surgery for his hearing problem.

A collection of the negative tweets was posted on Public Shaming, a Tumblr blog dedicated to outing and shaming racists’ social media posts. Other media outlets used that post as the foundation for the story, and the story took off from there. After the harsh reaction spread across the Internet, tweets supporting and defending Sebastien and vociferously denouncing his critics started to take over.

‘Persistent problem’

San Antonio is a multicultural city with more than 55% of the population being Hispanic and 90% of those people identifying themselves as Mexican according to the Pew Hispanic Center. For some Mexican-Americans, the incident was just the latest sign of a persistent problem they face: being treated as outsiders in their own country.

It will take a lot more than some racist tweets to bring Sebastien down. The “boy with the golden voice” tweeted earlier today:

“Please do not pay attention to the negative people. I am an American living the American Dream. This is part of the American life.”

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Source: Cindy Y. Rodriguez, CNN

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Rebecca Quits Tennis Over Cyberbullying

Rebecca Quits Tennis Over CyberbullyingRebecca Marino is a 22-year-old Canadian tennis player who has been ranked as high as 38th in the world in women’s professional tennis. Marino has a 150-107 record in her WTA career, with no wins and one runner-up back in 2011. This week, Marino announced that she would be retiring from professional tennis because she was struggling with all the online abuse she was getting from “fans” that berated her on social media.

‘Battling depression’

Marino admitted during a conference call this week announcing her retirement that she has been battling depression for over six years and all the negative energy from the social media outlets just pushed her into a darker place instead of improving her outlook on life.

Basically Marino admitted that tennis wasn’t fun for her anymore, and there is no point to continue something, even at such a high level, if it isn’t fun.

‘Change for the better’

I feel for people like Marino. Anyone in any public position is going to get flak from random people on the Internet (heck, even us writers get hundreds of comments on certain stories calling us out for being “idiots”) and while some people can just brush it off, there is a large group of people that see that stuff and have a hard time looking past it. Imagine if you just lost some big match and the first thing you see is people scolding you and telling you to die? That wouldn’t exactly be the warming blanket you were hoping for.

Marino is making a life change for the better, and whatever she decides to do I hope it makes her life easier and less stressful and maybe she will find that love for tennis again somewhere down the road.

Have you ever been bullied? Tell us how you fought back or stood for yourself amid all the bullying you’ve experienced!

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