Steve Job’s iPhone-Inspired Secret Yacht

Steve Job's iPhone-Inspired Secret YachtJust over a year after Steve Jobs’s death, shipbuilders in Aalsmeer, Holland have finally finished the yacht that the Apple visionary spent years designing — stealthily, of course. Boy, does it look like an Apple product. Her name is Venus.

‘Looks like an iPhone 4′

Built entirely out of aluminum, the yacht was designed by Jobs personally along with some help from French designer Phillipe Stack. The ship measures between 70 and 80 meters, but because of the aluminum construction, it’s lighter than your typical yacht, giving it a bit of an edge when it comes to speed.

The front of the ship is equipped with a uniquely large sun deck with a jacuzzi built in. Behind that comes an all glass cabin that’s topped with a bridge equipped with seven 27-inch iMacs that handle the ship’s navigation and controls. When you take a step back, squint a little and turn your head to the left, it sort of looks like an iPhone 4 with the strip of windows around the middle and the clean lines.

‘Famously humble’

Jobs’s yacht project might seem a little out of character at first. After all, the billionaire was famously humble about many aspects of his lifestyle. He lived in a normal house on a normal suburban street in Palo Alto, California, not some massive mansion out in the mountains. He wore jeans, a black turtleneck sweater and New Balance tennis shoes, a basically thrifty choice for a man who could afford his own cashmere farm. He also drove a very nice Mercedes car, but it wasn’t rapper nice.

We now know that Steve Jobs was not a stranger to the finer aspects of being filthy rich, luxuries like chrome-coated yachts and custom-built private jets. Sadly, Jobs did die before the yacht was finished, but the folks at Feadship finished the job. Evidently, the Jobs family recently had a little christening party with the shipbuilders, who all got an iPod Shuffle with “Venus” engraved on the back as a token of thanks.

Do you like the design of Steve Jobs’ secret yacht? If you were to design your own yacht, what special features would it contain?

Source: Yahoo News

Image: Tips from the T-List

The Epitome of Preventive Medicine

Doctor David Agus is the kind of specialist you call if you are very rich and very sick. But I am neither, I feel great and I wouldn’t even be here if ABC News hadn’t sent me.After treating the likes of Steve Jobs, Lance Armstrong and Ted Kennedy, Agus was set to release the most anticipated medical book of the year, and we beat “60 Minutes” to snag the coveted first interview.

It was all very fun and interesting right until the moment he showed me a picture of the calcification in my heart and told me that if I didn’t make some personal changes, I’d be on my death bed within five years.

Agus makes the staggering admission that man may never understand cancer, much less cure it. But by employing modern science with old fashioned common sense, he thinks we can prevent deadly diseases altogether. But it will never happen until he convinces multitudes of boneheads like me to take control of their own health care.

And that is how I turned into the kind of person I used to mock. I dug the treadmill out of the back of the garage, and actually walked five miles while writing this piece. I chose to eat healthy food. And for the first time in my life, instead of bratwurst, I grilled salmon during last weekend’s Packers game. And I’m pretty sure that’s why they lost. But that is a small price to pay if I can keep my daughter from sprinkling ashes on that mountain for another 50 years.


Source: Yahoo! News

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