Chris Bosh Robbed Of $340K Worth Of Items On His Birthday!

Chris Bosh Robbed Of $340K Worth Of Items On His BirthdayThe 2012-13 NBA season has been a breeze for the Miami Heat, but all is not well with one member of the team’s “Big Three.” According to NBC 6 South Florida, Chris Bosh’s Florida home was robbed late Wednesday night, on his birthday no less.

‘Out celebrating his 29th birthday’

NBC 6 also reports that $340,000 worth of watches, handbags and rings were stolen from the eight-time All-Star’s residence.

The robbery allegedly occurred when Bosh and his wife were out celebrating his 29th birthday. When they returned home, they noticed that some things were missing and contacted the police at 12:30 a.m. ET on Thursday morning.

‘No signs of forced entry’

According to the report, police say that there were no signs of forced entry, and big-ticket items such as Bosh’s NBA championship ring were left alone, according to the police report courtesy of TMZ.

Bosh’s birthday celebration was an extravagant Moroccan-themed affair. Many of his Heat teammates were in attendance, including LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem and Juwan Howard, according to

With no sign of forced entry, do you think somebody close to Chris Bosh could have done the dastardly deed? And off topic — what do you think of his performance in the NBA? Feel free to broadcast your thoughts to the world via the comment box below!

Source: Mike Chiari, Bleacher Report

Image: CBS Sports

Six Abandoned Bulldog Puppies Rescued From Locked Suitcase

An Ohio man has been charged with animal abandonment after Humane Society authorities matched his name with a suitcase in which the six puppies had been trapped. The suitcase, allegedly belonging to Howard Davis, 53, had been left next to a garbage can in a Toledo alleyway.

The puppies were discovered after someone noticed their mother pacing around the closed suitcase. Toledo Area Humane Society spokeswoman Cyndi Condit told Reuters that Davis lives only two blocks from where the puppies were found.

“Howard’s name was on the tag of the suitcase and the mother was licensed to him,” Condit said.

If convicted, Davis faces a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and a $750 fine. Davis claims the suitcase was stolen from him and that he had given the dogs to a friend in Michigan. Over the next four weeks, the three male and three female puppies will remain with their mother before they are eligible for adoption. But they also have a job to do in the meantime: literally serving as evidence against Davis.

“It’s unfortunate he chose to abandon the dogs,” said Humane Society’s executive director John Dinon. “If he had just called us and said he couldn’t care for them, we would have taken them and he wouldn’t have been charged with a crime.”

Source: Yahoo News

Image: Paw Nation