UPDATES: Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez Questioned In Homicide Investigation

UPDATES Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez Questioned In Homicide InvestigationNew England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was reportedly questioned by police in North Attleborough, Mass., on Monday as part of an ongoing investigation of a murder that allegedly took place near his home.  According to a report from WBZ-TV managing editor Peter Wilson, Hernandez isn’t out of the woods yet with regards to the investigation:

‘Not cooperating’

BREAKING: Law enforcement source tells @karenreports that Aaron Hernandez has not been ruled out as a suspect. He is not cooperating. #wbz

Fox Boston reporter Ted Daniel updates on the situation:

LAW SOURCE: Aaron Hernandez was driver of a vehicle Odin LLoyd and 2 others in. Lloyd found dead one mile from Hernandez home.

LAW SOURCE: Aaron Hernandez was driver of a vehicle Odin LLoyd and 2 others in. Lloyd found dead one mile from Hernandez home.

2 LAW SOURCES: Homicide victim Odin Lloyd sent text to a friend that included a reference to Aaron Hernandez.

LAW SOURCE: Forensic evidence places vehicle “driven by” Aaron Hernandez at “crime scene”. Don’t know what scene that is.

‘Drug related’

Sports Illustrated‘s Pete Thamel added a few more details to this developing situation:

Fox 25 also reports that Hernandez has a sophisticated surveillance system and police trying to access the hard drive.

Fox 25 also reports the murder is “drug related, specifically marijuana.

Fox 25 in Hernandez report “He has not been ruled out as a suspect in the totality of this investigation.” Also “directly tied” to homicide.

Police reportedly developed an interest in questioning Hernandez after a rental car became an integral piece of evidence in the murder of a 27-year-old Boston man, whose body was found on Monday within a mile of Hernandez’s home. It’s unclear whether he was murdered in that location or dropped there.

What is the real involvement of Aaron Hernandez in this homicide case? (That is, if he is indeed involved). How will this affect his NFL career? Feel free to share your speculations via the comment box below!


Source: Tyler Conway, Bleacher Report

Image: New York Post

Boston Bombing Suspects Planned To Attack Times Square

Boston Bombing Suspects Planned To Attack Times SquareDzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect in the Boston bombings, told investigators that he and his brother decided to bomb Times Square as they talked the night of April 18 in a Mercedes SUV they’d just carjacked, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

‘A lot more lucid’

The 19-year-old initially told investigators from a Boston hospital bed that he and his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, had talked about going to New York to “party.” Then he offered a new account during a second round of questioning Sunday evening into Monday, during which Kelly said Dzhokhar was “a lot more lucid” than the first time he was interviewed.

The brothers had five pipe bombs and a “pressure-cooker bomb” — the latter similar to the bombs used in the Boston blasts — with them in the SUV that they could have used in New York, Kelly said.

‘Plan fell apart’

Instead, their plan “fell apart” when the SUV ran low on fuel in the Boston area and the Tsarnaevs ordered the driver to pull into a gas station, Kelly said. The driver escaped during the refueling, he said, and police subsequently caught up with the Tsarnaevs — first in a shootout after which 26-year-old Tamerlan died, then by capturing Dzhokhar on Friday.

“We don’t know that we would have been able to stop the terrorists had they arrived here from Boston,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. “We’re just thankful that we didn’t have to find out that answer.”

There is no evidence that New York City is currently a target of a terror attack stemming from the Boston bombings, Kelly added. Still, he said authorities are investigating two visits that the surviving suspect made to New York City last year.

Do you think the Tsarnaev brothers really had a long-term terror attack plot for the U.S.? Who else could have been involved in this?

Source: Greg Botelho and Josh Levs, CNN

Image: The Guardian