Are Smartphones The Ultimate Cure For Boredom?

Are Smartphones The Ultimate Cure For BoredomLook around you — at the people in the long fastfood queues, at the bus stop, or even inside your own home. Most probably, you will see a lot of people fiddling with a mobile device — letting time pass by scrolling down every Facebook status, editing pictures on Instagram, replying to text messages or emails, or just playing a video game. Have smartphones become the ultimate cure for boredom?

‘Killing time’

Because of the ever-changing technology, people nowadays have developed a different approach to killing time. When we once relied on old magazines near the doorway or small talks with strangers, we have now evolved into a society that relies on our mobile devices to kill even a short amount of time. Almost half of mobile phone users could probably attest that they use their phones for entertainment most of the time.

‘Comparable to smoking’

According to researchers, humans have a basic need to cure boredom by any way possible. So fiddling with our smartphones, tablets, and e-readers to kill boredom actually address this need. Christopher Lynn, an anthropology professor at the University of Alabama, says tapping away at smartphones is comparable to smoking. These activities can pivot us from a monotonous moment to “unscheduled play.” But is this a positive or a negative thing?

Researchers at England’s Social Issues Research Centre say this is not a good thing. They say that this activity make us miss out on other creative ways to deal with boredom. Yes, tapping away on our touchpads or smartphones can leave us very little time for personal reflection.

How about you — do you think constantly using smartphones to kill boredom is a good thing? When was the last time you consciously put down your mobile phone and just allowed yourself to zone out?

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Top 6 Smartphone Habits You Should Curb

We’re talking about how annoying and rude and antisocial we’ve all become with our smartphones and tablets. These are things you literally could not do before the www went mobile; now we’re embarrassing ourselves all over the place. Please stop:

1. Drunk -tweeting, -texting, -Instagramming, etc.

Long gone are the days when the only witnesses to your inebriated ramblings were other bar patrons who also saw you stumble from your bar stool to the ground. Whether you’re able to keep it together with spelling and syntax, or your typing skills erode quickly, alcohol and mobile devices don’t mix.

2. Missing your favorite band’s concert because you’re so busy taking crappy photos, letting your phone ring and fiddling with your phone during the set.

Concerts really WERE better back in the day, not necessarily because music really meant something, man, but because the audience actually paid attention and sang along and danced instead of holding their phones in the air and spending 30-plus seconds trying to find the shutter button on the front of the screen.

3. Texting salacious pictures.

The ritual sharing of NC-17 photos used to be a complicated analog affair involving Polaroids and furtive looks. Nowadays, people just drop trou, snap and send.

4. Letting your seething anger leach out into the world at large.

Humans have always done stupid things when they’re emotionally riled up. Now, those tantrums and rages and outbursts are shared and cached for the world to see. Take a deep breath and put down the smartphone.

5. Texting while walking.

Rarely does this go well. Whatever’s so urgent can probably wait a few minutes. Or you can, you know, actually call the person.

6. Using your phone in the bathroom.

Don’t. Just don’t.

Are you guilty as charged of these bad smartphone habits? Send us your most embarrassing or hilarious smartphone gaffe!

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