Mars One Now Looking For Applicants For One-Way Ticket To The Red Planet

Mars One Now Looking For Applicants For One-Way Ticket To The Red PlanetA Dutch company called Mars One began looking Monday for volunteer astronauts to fly to Mars. Departure for the Red Planet is scheduled for 2022, landing seven months later in 2023. The space travelers will return … never. They will finish out their lives on Mars, representatives from the nonprofit said.

‘Build a colony’

The company announced a casting call for candidates at a news conference in New York City. Anyone 18 or older may apply via video but there is an application fee — $38 for U.S. applicants. The money will fund the mission.

Mars One wants to build a colony that will be able to grow with an ever-expanding crew. The group has a plan for testing the technology that would transport people and things. The group wants to launch a supply mission that will land on Mars as soon as October 2016.

Once selected, a group of 40 astronauts will undergo seven years of training. The flight to Earth’s neighbor, with its barren red desert landscape and thin carbon dioxide atmosphere, sounds almost worse than a lifetime on it. The crew of four will be cooped up on a rocket for seven months with a limited supply of food and water.

‘Decades-long reality show’

Mars One plans to fund the mission partly from the sale of technology developed during the mission, CEO Bas Lansdorp said. Media coverage will provide the main funding for the mission, Mars One said. Publicity is key, and the media event begins now with the casting of the astronauts.

Lansdorp said that after consulting with media experts and ad agencies, he’s confident life on Mars will remain a hit for decades on Earth and will be able to weather any financial crisis or war on Earth. If all goes well, Earthling television viewers can look forward to a decades-long reality show, though Lansdorp said the astronauts will be allowed to turn the cameras off at times.

Are you willing to leave your life on Earth and reside in Mars permanently? Do you think this project will be a hit?

Source: Ben Brumfield and Elizabeth Landau, CNN

Image: The Weather Network

San Francisco 49ers Pursuing Darelle Revis

San Francisco 49ers Pursuing Darelle RevisWhat will a San Francisco 49ers team already loaded with young talent do with more 2013 draft picks than can possibly make their roster? Three words: Pursue Darrelle Revis.

‘Retooling their roster’

The 49ers are among a handful of teams that have discussed making a run at Revis this offseason, according to two sources. In fact, the 49ers are poised to make a run at Revis even if it’s just for one season (although that could be problematic from Revis’ standpoint).

The bottom line is that if the New York Jets are serious about retooling their roster as quickly as possible, getting a fistful of picks from the 49ers could be a fine answer. And if history is any indicator, the 49ers will be more than willing.


From a pragmatic standpoint, the 49ers would be silly not to think about dealing most of their draft picks this year, even if only to get future selections. San Francisco, which already has 11 selections in April’s draft, are expected to get another one in the trade that reportedly will send Alex Smith to the Chiefs. The Niners are also projected to get three more selections as compensation for players they lost in free agency last offseason. So based on the current roster, they would not be expected to go overboard in the draft.

The heart of the 49ers roster is primarily made up of guys in their eighth year or less, such as Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman, Mike Iupati and Colin Kaepernick. This is a team that set up to be good for a long time. Still, this is a team that needs to make sure it has as many difference-makers as possible. It also is a team that desperately needs a No. 1 cornerback, as evidenced by the fact that the 49ers have expressed interest in just about every top corner in the market.

Do you think trading some of their picks for Darelle Revis will be a better option for the 49ers?  Which team are you rooting for?

Source: Jason Cole, Yahoo Sports

Image: The Big Lead Sports