Scouts Say Tim Tebow Is Not Fit For NFL

Scouts Say Tim Tebow Is Not Fit For NFLTim Tebow’s skills have eroded so quickly, so shockingly fast—think heavy boulder dropped from low orbit—that it has actually stunned several scouts who have watched him closely for years. The belief is that Tebow has been and will continue to be so bad, that the Patriots will have no choice but to cut him loose from the roster.

‘Lack of speed’

Now, just to be clear: None of this is presented as Tebow-bashing or a type of huge exposé. To some, this isn’t even shocking. To me, some of this was. Scouts I trust saying Tebow isn’t fit to play arena ball?

The reason why is speed. Speed doesn’t just kill; speed is currency in football. It’s the dollar, the deutsche mark. That lack of speed is evident in three critical phases of Tebow’s game: His throwing motion, his mental acuity and his ability to avoid tacklers. It’s not simply that he can’t do these things now. We knew that. What’s stunning, upon closer examination, is the rapidity with which these skills have been lost.


In the preseason opener against Philadelphia, Tebow was 4-of-12 passing for 55 yards. He was sacked three times and had a passer rating of 49. Then, against Tampa Bay, he had just one completion, an interception and finished with a passer rating of zero.

Scouts say they don’t recognize the Tebow they saw in college. His regression has been so steep that I don’t believe there is a league he can now play in.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick says Tebow is improving, but no one believes that. There’s no way even Belichick believes that. Barring a transplant of Bart Starr’s mitochondria into Tebow’s synapses, what we are seeing with Tebow is the end. Unless he becomes a blocker.

Do you think this is the end of Tim Tebow’s NFL career? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us!

Source: Mike Freeman | Bleacher Report

Image: WCVB

Patriots’ Tom Brady Acquires Knee Injury In Practice

Patriots' Tom Brady Acquires Knee Injury In PracticeA potential knee injury to Tom Brady in a practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is threatening to at least temporarily disband the New England Patriots’ winning combination as of Wednesday, according to Stephen Holder of The Tampa Bay Times.

‘Panic button’

Apparently, Brady was able to walk off the field on his own, as noted by Zuri Berry of Patriots nation has to be holding its collective breath in anticipation of Brady’s condition, but it does appear that the panic button shouldn’t be hit just yet, especially since he walked off the field under his own power. Having said that, if Brady is in any way significantly hurt, New England will be hard-pressed to maintain its stranglehold on the AFC East division and status as perpetual championship contenders.

The offense is already without magnificent wide receiver Wes Welker, who left for the Denver Broncos in free agency.  Tight end Rob Gronkowski, meanwhile, is also not a sure thing to play when the regular season begins, since he is rehabbing from back surgery. To say the least, the Patriots are shorthanded offensively and desperately need Brady to orchestrate the high-octane attack.

‘Some concern’

Backup QB Ryan Mallett left Friday’s preseason game with a head injury, but did return to practice this week. Although he has tall pocket presence and a strong arm, he would clearly be a downgrade from Brady. Tim Tebow is the only other quarterback currently listed on the Patriots’ QB depth chart.

The 36-year-old Brady missed almost all of the 2008 season with a torn ACL and MCL in the same knee, so this has to at least cause some concern.

Do you think Tom Brady will still be able to lead his team to a chance at competing for a Super Bowl? Which team will you be rooting for?

Source: Matt Fitzgerald | Bleacher Report

Image: Sports Illustrated