Facebook Timeline Mandatory Soon

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Facebook will start requiring people to switch to a new profile format known as Timeline, making photos, links and personal musings from the past much easier to find.

Timeline is essentially a scrapbook of your whole life on Facebook, compared with a snapshot of you today found on Facebook’s traditional profile page. Once activated, Timeline replaces the current profile on the website. Facebook is rolling out the requirement to others over the next few weeks. At some point, even those who haven’t logged on to Facebook in a while will be automatically switched.

Timeline doesn’t expose anything that wasn’t available for sharing in the past. It allows people to jump to the older material more quickly. You’ll have a week to curate the Timeline by moving stuff around, hiding photos or featuring them more prominently on your page. You can change privacy settings on catalog or individual items to control who has access. You can change the date on a post. For major events in your life, you can click on a star to feature them more prominently. You can hide the posts you’d rather not showcase.

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Besides your traditional profile photo — your headshot — you can add what Facebook calls a cover photo. It’s the image that will splash across the top and can be a dog, a hobby or anything else that reflects who you are. You can add things before you joined Facebook, back to when you were born. Click on Activity Log to see all of your posts at a glance and make changes to them one by one.


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How to Setup Your Facebook Timeline

Timeline is Facebook’s new way of presenting you to the world. It replaces your traditional profile page – the one with your headshot and a smorgasbord of personal musings, photos and other items to share with friends. Instead of just a snapshot of you today, Timeline is supposed to be a scrapbook of your whole life.

Start by choosing a cover photo, the image that will splash across the top. Keep in mind the dimensions are more like a movie screen than a traditional photo. A close-up portrait of your face won’t work well, but one of you lying horizontally will. Your old profile photo will still be there, but it’ll be smaller.

The timeline stream is your life on Facebook in reverse chronological order. You can change who has access to which posts. You can change the date on a post. For major events in your life, you can click on a star to feature them more prominently.

Start with your older posts. Find the button for Activity Log. Think carefully about what you want to highlight when people scroll through your past. Facebook has a secret formula for determining which items are included in your highlights, using such factors as how many friends commented on a post. That may not necessarily be what you want to showcase.

If you’re not ready to start Timeline, you can still view Timelines your friends have already activated. Just keep in mind that Facebook eventually will force you to switch, so you might as well do it now if you have the time.


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