Windows 8’s Impressive Interface

The PC needs saving. With Windows 8, Microsoft believes it has the magic cure.

Beautifully designed apps, ultra-simple navigation, and instinctive commands make it hard to believe Metro came from the same company that brought us Windows Vista. Interactive, “live” tiles and an intuitive app store simplify the PC. Windows 8 is as easy to use as the iPad. That’s exactly what Microsoft intended. As PC sales slump amid a surge in tablets (okay, iPads), Microsoft is creating an operating system that lets hardware makers reimagine the PC for a tablet world. The software is slated to go on sale later this year.

But let’s be clear: Under the veneer of its redesign, Windows 8 is still very much a PC operating system. It features the familiar desktop and taskbar you’ve learned to love — or hate — over the years, and it works just as well with a keyboard and mouse as it does with a touchscreen.

The iPad is the simplest entry point to what Apple calls the “post-PC” world, but PCs haven’t outlived their usefulness just yet. Most people still go to their PCs for tools like Microsoft Office and more complex content creation tasks. That’s where Microsoft sees uncharted territory.

Metro is ideal for everyday tasks like Web browsing, e-mail, photo sharing, social networking, and casual gaming. But when you need to manage files, edit a document, or do anything else you wouldn’t typically try on an iPad, a tap or click on the desktop app launches what looks and feels like the Windows 7 interface.

Source: CNN

Image: Gizmo Watch

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Launched, Better than iPad and Kindle?

When the Kindle Fire was launched by Amazon in September, most of techies thought it would be the toughest competitor of Apple’s iPad. However, Barnes & Noble has unveiled the Nook Tablet in New York on November 7 and it has wowed the receiving audience with its sleek packaging and features.

The Nook Tablet is actually an amplified version of the Nook Color that has the right fit. It is not a lookalike of the iPad, although it does not need to be. It is an improvement from the Nook Color in a sense that is important for tablets. It has a dual-core processor and a fully laminated screen that has no air gap. Compared to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the Nook tablet has longer battery life (9 hours versus 7), twice the memory, and almost twice the RAM. These features make media consumption and app multitasking much breezier. The software now has innovative improvements that include integration of recommendations into the navigation UI. [Read more…]